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Friday, December 13, 2013

Juggling the December expenses

Having a variable income is hard! It just makes things so hard to plan! Also the fact that I do not get vacation days. If I do not get a call to work, or if I need to take a day off I do not get paid. So for Christmas vacation which is 2 weeks, I will have no income.

December is a tough month money-wise. I had to buy winter tires this year which were $833. Christmas is going to be around $600 for everything. We need oil for our furnace again soon which is going to be about $400 each. About 20 hours of extra driving for Christmas parties.

I am heading to a Christmas party tomorrow and am getting my baking done tonight, mmmm. It's an ugly Christmas sweater party. J is a huge Senators fan where I am a Leaf fan. He is borrowing my brother's jersey and I am going to wear his jersey, add some garland and they will be our ugly Christmas sweaters this year.

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