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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Financial Goals Reached!

And most of them are surpassed!

I just added $400 to my TFSA, $500 to Computer Fund, and $250 to my RSP. Woo!

This three job thing is working out well. Although it's hard on my body. Still getting over a cold.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Speeding Ticket

I got my first speeding ticket two weekends ago. Ugh.

It was the weekend I went to my old roommate's baby shower. She lives almost 5 hours away. I was on my way home and the GPS told me to take the last exit close to my house. I took a different exit and after the highway it was an 80 zone.

I was doing 106 apparently and was pulled over. I gave him my licence, registration and answered all the questions. He came back and to me and said he reduced it to 15km/h over so I wouldn't lose any points and it won't affect my insurance, and the fine was $52.50.

Not terrible but still I wish I never got it. An unexpected and unnecessary expense.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Awkward Money Situation...

Last week I was working at the restaurant and there was another server who was in distress about a mistake he made. I asked if I was able to help him and he asked if I had any cash on me. He needed $25.75. I let him borrow the $25.75 and he said he would pay me back soon.

Everytime I passed him in the restaurant that night he mentioned something about it, even texted himself with the amount he owes me.

I worked with him last night for the first time since I lent him the money and he didn't mention it once. I was thinking he was going to wait until the end of the night but he was gone before I was. Ugh.

How do I go about approaching this guy to ask for my $25.75? I wish he would just remember.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Met Another Goal!

On of my goals this year was to make an additional $2011 in ways other than through my regular supply teaching job. I've done some babysitting, aerial park, waitressing, worked at the rec centre, bartending, etc. I'm happy to report that I've passed that goal.

It could have happened a little while ago but I wasn't the best at recording this goal.

I worked two jobs yesterday, including a closing shift at the restaurant. It was a busy night but I made some pretty good tips. Only one more financial goal to work on, and then it's just extras. I want to finish the TFSA goal, and contribute more to my RRSPs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Birthday Present

D asked me what I wanted for my birthday (which was at the beginning of this month) and I really couldn't think of anything I really wanted or needed. So I suggested he take me scuba diving. Last Friday we got fitted for wetsuits and signed up to do the Wednesday evening dive.

We went to Washago on Wednesday and dived in Green River. It was pretty clear. It was really fun to go diving again but it was nothing like Dominican. The water was clear but still darkish and not a lot to see. I saw a ton of zebra muscles, and a few fish. D found a licence plate while we were down there too. Ocean diving is way more exciting. I think we will go maybe a couple more times this summer since the dives were not too expensive. It was about $75 for both of us including all equipment. It's also really good experience, I could use the practice.

However I would rather save my money to put toward a vacation fund to go diving somewhere south again. One day...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Work Issues

The restaurant job is great....sometimes. I really like most of the people that work there, and the tips are good. The job is actually fun most of the time too. It's fast-paced and you are always busy, that's the kind of work environment I really enjoy.

Anyway, I blogged briefly about how I told the managers with my application and in person that I can not do weekday daytime shifts due to having another job. They book me 5 days all weekdays. Ugh. So I talk to the manager, and give her a note so she has the info about everything.

However she did nothing with this information. And when I didn't show up for an entire week they thought I was a no-show. No call to me asking why I wasn't showing up or anything. I did not realize this until I called to find out the next week's schedule and they said they took me off of it because I didn't show up for a week. I explained to a different manager what happened and they said it wasn't my fault and gave me some additional shifts which was a process in itself.

I worked Thursday and Friday this week. However next week's schedule is out and again I'm not on it because they think I quit without saying anything. It's a lot of effort to keep on their cases about giving me shifts. It really should not be this difficult.

Anyway, Thursday was a great shift. It was a busy night and I made some good tips in 6 hours. I go in last night and I have a poor section. That's okay though, I don't mind having only a few tables, however after 2 hours of working I still had no tables and some other servers had full sections. I talked to the hostesses and asked them to give me a table and they said they would. But I still saw tables being sat and not in my section. Anyway after 3 hours of working and having no tables they did a section change and I was cut from the board (meaning I was done). I told the manager that I had no tables and she didn't have anything to say just told me to clock out. I also mentioned to her as a reminder that I would not be able to come in the next day because I had a wedding to attend (I'm actually working at the wedding but they don't need to know that), I asked her if she wanted me to make a note for her about this and she said no. Although this is also the manager that forgot to mention I was not going to come in the last time. I told her I could work in the morning or Sunday if they needed me to.

In the bathroom I don't know what came over me but I just started crying. The place is just poorly organized and it's making me look really unreliable and irresponsible and I'm not like that. Then to work a 3 hour shift and get paid under minimum wage with no tables or tips is really frustrating. The drive is hardly worth it. A girl came in and saw me and told the manager that I was crying and she came in to ask if I was alright. I just said yes and that I would talk to her later. I didn't though, I just went home.

Three girls cried at work last night due to organization issues. Also I know of at least two girls who have quit because of the poor management. I've never had so many work issues. 

I called in today to remind them that I wasn't coming in and that I am not on the schedule for next week. The manager I talked to today said that it wasn't a problem and he would get that changed. I really hope it happens this time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things Going On

It's been a busy week! And is going to continue to get busier!

This past weekend I went to visit my roommate from school. It was her baby shower. She really enjoyed the gift and it was nice to spend time with my old roommates.

Yesterday I worked one-on-one and we went to a Toronto FC practice. Then we went to Bronte park which was really fun. My kid ended up getting sick because it was so hot and he ran himself out. But he and I both enjoyed ourselves.

I work the rest of this week 8:30-4:00 and then Thursday and Friday I'm also working starting at 5 at the restaurant. I'm supposed to work Saturday too but I'm going to have to get it off because I am supposed to be a bartender at my parent's friend's wedding.

I am meeting that friend tonight after work. Hope it goes well, I have never bartended before so it's bound to be disastrous. Should make some good tips my mom said though. D and I are also going to see the final Harry Potter movie tonight! Cheap night!

Tomorrow after work we are going to try and go diving!!! We were fitted for suits on Friday and so he is going to call today to try and get us in. Hope it works out, I'm really excited about it! The rest of the week is just going to be work, hopefully I get a paycheque soon!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Apartment Searching

You would think living in a small town, finding an apartment would be easy? No it's the opposite. In my town there are laws against high-rise buildings so there are few apartments and mostly just basements of houses or low-rise buildings. I'm fine with those but the price also seems to go up in my town. It's at least $100-200 per month more expensive from the neighbouring towns.

Anyway, I really liked that one place we looked at but the lack of laundry would be annoying. I would really like to find a place with laundry in the apartment, or at least on-site.

D called the girl back yesterday and she said she has another place that might interest us. It's mostly a seniors building (welcome to my town), and it's a two bedroom. Maybe I could convince my brother or a random to live with us? Kijiji anyone? It's $925 plus all utilities it sounds like, and has laundry on-site, which I assume means paid laundry in some room. We are viewing it this evening once D is finished work. We have the time to be picky right now, so if we don't like it we will just keep looking. It's kind of a nice situation to be in.

I am really all for a 2 bedroom. It would help D and I out a lot. Instead of paying $400 each plus utilities for an $800 1 bedroom, we could pay $300 each plus a third of utilities for a 2 bedroom. Likely a larger place. I'm fine with sharing space. I also live in a town with a satellite campus of a university and a college so there are sometimes students from other places looking for a cheap place to rent close to the schools, so might be able to find a student if my brother is not interested.

Tonight after the viewing my cousin and her boyfriend, D and I are going to have supper at my cousin's house and then go see Horrible Bosses. It looks pretty funny.

I forgot to mention the other day that I added $600 to TFSA, and $100 to Computer fund. I should really start a furniture fund and increase the emergency fund as well. Just in case we do get an apartment. The computer fund it more than maxed out now, I just need to decide whether I really want to buy a new one (this one shut down on me already once this morning) or whether I want to buy a different fun toy, like a camera I've been oogling the past 6 months, or if I should be responsible and put it into savings.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Job and Tips

I started the new one-on-one worker job on Friday. It went pretty good. The kid was happy and got along pretty well with the other kids. He only had one meltdown and that was when his mom came to pick him up and he did not want to leave. Anyway, he was back on Monday and gave me a big hug. We had another good day until his mom came and he did not want to leave. A couple of stickers as incentive worked well though.

Today I start one-on-one with the second kid I'll be working with this summer. I will be working with this older kid 3 days a week for six weeks of the summer. I hope it goes well.

I've been working a few more shifts at the restaurant and made some tips. In three days I made about $300 in tips for doing just under 20 hours. I am enjoying the job more and more. However, when I applied I said that for 6 weeks of the summer (and I listed the dates) that I would not be available to work until 5:30 during weekdays. Weekends were fine and so were all the other days. What do they do? They schedule me every single day this week during daytime hours. So I talked to the manager who is extremely difficult to talk to and read, and explained this. So now because of a mistake on their part, I have no shifts there this week. Ugh.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apartment Viewed

Last night D and I looked at an apartment. It's a nice place. It's the lower level of a backsplit so it has nice full, big windows. It has a parking spot, and access to a backyard. We could have a little patio set and bbq. The kitchen and living room are open concept, but small. No dishwasher, laundry, and it only has a single sink. The bedroom is small but doable. The bathroom is quite large and has a full bath. It has a gas fireplace. It's $800 plus hydro. Hydro would be quite minimal because it's heated by gas.

It's a full year lease. I don't like there being no laundry, and only a single sink. I keep comparing places to my brother who has 2 floors, HUGE living room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, laundry and dishwasher included. He pays $900 plus.

I also compare it to a place I saw online that has been rented out. It was $775 plus utilities. But had a nice big kitchen and living room. It had one bedroom, a balcony, and laundry included.

I just don't want to sign a lease if we aren't going to love the place. I know D would sign a lease if I wanted him to with me but he is hesitant on a few things as well. For now we will continue to look. I really like the place but it's missing a few things I would really like to have. So for now we will keep looking.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Salad Crazy

Yesterday I had the day off, it was sort of nice since I know days off is going to be a rare thing starting soon. Anyway, I decided to make some salads for lunches.

I made a broccoli salad (which was my favourite), a pasta salad, and a double berry spinach salad. Mmmm. I also made some crabmeat dip, and steak sandwiches for supper. D was very happy with what I brought to him and couldn't finish everything so he packed some for lunch today. Leftovers are the best.

A friend who gave me some rhubarb about a month ago also popped in yesterday and I gave her one of the jams I made. I forget whether I did a posting on the jam I made or not, but I had some on bread this morning for breakfast and it's so good! I think I will attempt it again, or maybe some salsa!

I like to make things ahead of time for lunches for the upcoming week. Salads seem to be great because they are cool for summer. What are some other make ahead meals you enjoy?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Spending

Ugh oh. I already know June was a really bad month financially. I am happy I even managed to save any money. I bought several cooking items (jam equipment, baking equipment, and a salad spinner). I got my hair done, I bought several pairs of shorts and things for work. I spent a lot on gas. Anyway here I am fessing up..
Car and Gas (15%) ACTUAL: 12% Only spent on gas, woohoo no car issues!
Phone (4%) ACTUAL: 4%
Food (4%) ACTUAL: 4%
Restaurant (4%) ACTUAL: 6% Need to cut down on this one!
Personal/Medical (6%) ACTUAL 5% Bought some nail stuff and got my hair did
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 13% Oops! I knew this one was going to be bad.
Gifts (2%) ACTUAL 6% Gift card, books for the kid I tutor, scrapbook items
Education (2%) ACTUAL 0%
Entertainment (4%) ACTUAL 1% Movies, and wine
Everything Else (3%) ACTUAL: 12% Eeek! Another really bad one. This was lotion, sunscreen, vitamins, pens and a change purse for work, the cooking equipment.
TOTAL (48%) ACTUAL 62% MAJOR FAIL!! That's awful.

Now let's look at the SAVINGS I thankfully but hardly managed to get to this month!
TFSA (35%) ACTUAL: 26%
Christmas (5%) ACTUAL: 0% Done with this category now
Computer (3%) 3%
RRSP (6%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 3%
TOTAL (52%) ACTUAL 31%

Wow, June was just as bad as May. July can't be worse. I have now started the summer jobs so the income should be coming in soon. I didn't spend everything I earned this month either. Usually I spend a bit and save the rest but some is still just sitting in my bank account so that will help with next month too.

The focus for July will be the TFSA, spending less in general, and working as much as I can.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekends! I definitely had a nice weekend.

I started working at the restaurant on my own on Friday. It went pretty well although I only worked 4 hours and had three tables. I still made about $40 in tips. I worked Saturday as well where I messed up big time (put in a food order late and the lady complained). It was the busiest day of the season yet but oh well.

I also celebrated my birthday! My roommate from school came up to visit, D's parents made me supper and a cake and then D, my roommate and her boyfriend and I went to the fireworks. They were soo good! We saw my brother on our way out of the fireworks and he and his girlfriend invited us all over because he had made me a cake. Mmmm 3 cakes this year!

The next day D's sister had a campfire party which was nice and yesterday we went for a boat ride with his family and did some swimming. His family is so nice. D is going to take me SCUBA diving for my birthday sometime soon. I am super excited about it!

I am going to be making some calls today to hopefully be able to look at apartments together soon.