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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Purchase....NEW CAR!!!

What did I use my TFSA money for???

Well although I maxed it out ($20,000) I took out $15,000 which went toward a new 2012 Nissan Versa. It's a blue sedan. It's so pretty and smells brand new! It has cruise control, bluetooth, a CD player, locking doors, power windows, lights that work without banging the gear shifter, etc.....all things my old car did not have. It has 45km on it, most of that was because I took it for THREE test drives!!

I paid for it IN CASH!!!! 

Well $2000 on a credit card so I could collect some points (don't worry I will pay it off this month) and the rest which was ($15,453) was by cheque!

Why did I go new?

Well, I checked out several cars new and used and hardly any used cars were less than $13,000. If they were they were not what I was looking for, or had a ton of kilometres on them. 

Nissan was having an employee pricing event, plus because I paid cash for the car I got another discount. This gave me more than $2000 off the sticker price. The sales guy gave me another $200 off and he bought me a bottle of wine! 

Total for the car with taxes, fees, etc was $17,453. A lot more than I thought I was willing to spend, but I do not have to make payments on it EVER!! I am so happy :) I'll show you pictures soon. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I did it!! Finally....$20,000 is in there....but I have plans for it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New or New-To-Me??

That is the big question!!

I am interested in the Nissan Versa Sedan a lot. It's a small car, EXTREMELY good on gas, and it's pretty inexpensive.

I noticed this car at a gas station over two years ago and thought it looked alright. I now have met a few people that drive them (the hatchback version) and they love their cars.

It's funny exactly a year ago to the day of the accident, I wrote my roommate (who is the one we were following in Toronto to go pick up bridesmaids dresses) and told her that I hope my car lasts another year but that I have been considering the Nissan Versa. Exactly one year to the date of the accident!! The car lasted another year...

I have test drove two of the 2012 Versas. I also went to Toronto to check out a used version. They wanted too much for it, it was a 2011, but it had no "extras" and it was 45000km and only $3000 cheaper than a brand-new one.

I have the money saved up to be able to purchase the car brand-new but am just debating with myself whether it's worth the money. Where I could spend less on something cheaper which may not last as long but I would at least have more money sitting in the bank.


Anyway the number he gave me for a new 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan is $17,384. That is including EVERYTHING except licence. That is also as a cash purchase. Hmmmm I probably only have until the end of the week to now decide.

What to do??

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool Things

On Saturday I served a famous hockey player and his wife! I didn't realize it until they had left though. Still cool, we had a funny chat about a weird lady dancing to her ipod at the bar ;)

On Sunday a Deaf couple came in. They sat in my section. I went up to them not realizing they were Deaf and asked them how they were. No response, I asked again and then the girl looked up at me and told me they were Deaf. I don't know why but it actually surprised me. I told them that I knew a little bit of sign language and they ordered their drinks.

I came back and they ended up sitting at another table on the patio, I took their orders and brought them their food, asked them if everything was okay. Later I was clearing their plates and the girl asked me how I knew sign language, I told them that my grandparents were Deaf. I asked if they were from the area and they said no, that they were from Toronto. They asked if I was from the area and I told them the name of my town. They said it was nice to meet me and I said it was nice to meet them too. Short conversation and I took their plates back to the kitchen. There my manager said, "I just saw what you did and that was AMAZING!! I didn't know you could do that." I didn't realize he had been watching at all and it kind of made my day that he said something. It felt pretty good to be able to use my ASL at work.

Another thing that happened yesterday was I was travelling to work. I was going up this huge hill in an 80km/hr zone, going about 95km/hr and this guy was right behind me. Seemed like he was in some sort of a rush, just waiting to be able to pass me. Anyway, on the hill I saw something on the road and straddled it with my wheels, as I passed over it I noticed it was a turtle trying to cross the road, it still had a lane and a half to go. The guy behind me also straddled the turtle, then he pulled over to the side of the road, reversed his car, stopped and got out to help the turtle across the road. I just love people sometimes!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Something else that has been going on. I've mentioned before here that I had a creepy guy (a dad of a kid I teach) leaving me gifts and notes. It started at the school and then he started leaving them in my car AT MY APARTMENT which is in a different town. Creepy.

In March he saw me going into my apartment and I decided then to confront him. The rest of the times I never saw him, he would just leave the gifts/notes. So I spoke with him saying that I wasn't interested, that I had a boyfriend and declined his 5-10 invitations requesting me to go to lunch with him. NO!! Anyway I thought after that conversation that the whole ordeal would be over. 

The next day he came again. I went to the police first just to file a police report in case anything did happen, they would have record of it. I didn't know the man's name, address or licence plate number so there was nothing they could do at that time anyway. This went on from mid February to mid March. With that latest note he left the address of the place he was working, asking me to come by. 

Instead my boyfriend went by. They even had a conversation but only about work. However while they were there D recorded his licence plate number. I kept it with me but didn't return to the police. I thought that since I had told him no, and then didn't show up to his workplace he would get the point. A month went by and nothing, yay!

I thought it was done with. Until maybe a week or so ago I got another gift. That same day I taught in his son's class and he told me that his dad is going to be so surprised I was his teacher and that his dad loves me. This man has 3 kids, and a wife (also works within the school board).

I went to the police the next day and they told me he WAS a stalker. They looked up his licence number and got a phone number and address, they informed me that he was born in 1961. So inappropriate! They called him and left a "cryptic message" and said they would call me the next day when they got in touch with him. 

The called the next day and said they spoke with him. That he was very nervous and apologetic on the phone. They said that he is to have absolutely no contact with me. He asked if he could apologize to me and they said absolutely not, no contact whatsoever. If he does contact me again he will be charged with criminal harassment and that they will let this whole situation be known. They reminded him that he has a wife. 

I felt a little bad about the whole situation right after that phone call. However my parents and D were both saying that he brought it on himself, that I asked him to stop and he continued and that I shouldn't feel bad.

I haven't seen or received anything from him since then so I am assuming it's over. I really hope it is!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Totaled My Car :(

Sunday I went to a bridal shower in Toronto. It was a lot of fun, the bridesmaids sang a song and played some games. Had a nice meal and I got to catch up with some friends I don't get to see often enough.

After the shower the bridesmaids were all travelling to pick up our dresses. We were all following the bride since we didn't know where we were going. The bride raced through a yellow light and the truck in front of me stopped at the red. I pushed the brakes to slow at the red and just plowed right into the truck.

My airbag went off, my car filled with smoke and I quickly turned off into the first empty parking space. The truck driver was my roommate from university. She pulls over and runs over to see how I am. I had hurt my arm but nothing serious. She was completely fine. She said she barely moved, THANK GOODNESS she was okay. I will try to upload a picture of my car because it was smashed right in. Her truck in perfect condition. She had an "illegal hitch" which saved the bumper from getting any damage. Thankfully.

The bride calls us and finally I answer and she comes by with the two other bridesmaids that were her passengers. She calls for help and eventually the police and a tow truck come.

I had to sit in my car the entire time since my emergency brake and the parking break both were not working and I would roll toward the road everytime I let go of the brake pedal. The hooked it up, took our statements and issued me a ticket for careless driving.

It's 6 points and $490. However if when I request a court date to fight the ticket, which the police officer recommended doing, as did the tow truck driver and my insurance company, that if the truck driver does not show for the court date the charges will be dropped. She has told me that she won't show, it's a 3 hour drive for her and she does not want to see me have to face the charges.

My car is now at an impound. I am going to miss that thing :( I have a rental covered my insurance for now. Ugh, I needed a new car but wanted to have time to shop around. This is no fun.

Through this whole ordeal though I learned that I have the best friends and family. They are so patient and forgiving. So nice and willing to help, give me a place to stay and offer a car to drive.