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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Purchase....NEW CAR!!!

What did I use my TFSA money for???

Well although I maxed it out ($20,000) I took out $15,000 which went toward a new 2012 Nissan Versa. It's a blue sedan. It's so pretty and smells brand new! It has cruise control, bluetooth, a CD player, locking doors, power windows, lights that work without banging the gear shifter, etc.....all things my old car did not have. It has 45km on it, most of that was because I took it for THREE test drives!!

I paid for it IN CASH!!!! 

Well $2000 on a credit card so I could collect some points (don't worry I will pay it off this month) and the rest which was ($15,453) was by cheque!

Why did I go new?

Well, I checked out several cars new and used and hardly any used cars were less than $13,000. If they were they were not what I was looking for, or had a ton of kilometres on them. 

Nissan was having an employee pricing event, plus because I paid cash for the car I got another discount. This gave me more than $2000 off the sticker price. The sales guy gave me another $200 off and he bought me a bottle of wine! 

Total for the car with taxes, fees, etc was $17,453. A lot more than I thought I was willing to spend, but I do not have to make payments on it EVER!! I am so happy :) I'll show you pictures soon. 


  1. WOOOHOO! Yay for no car payments.

  2. That is so exciting!

    Seeing how happy you are to pay cash for the full balance makes me rethink getting a car loan for myself... I guess I'll just have to wait and save some more.

    Well done! This is awesome!

  3. You must be so elated! Congrats!