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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I have not been blogging nearly as much as I have wanted, but life is busy! I've been working 6-7 days each week. However, Sunday was my last day at the restaurant. It's a seasonal restaurant so they have closed down until May. So bittersweet, I am really going to miss a lot of the people that worked there this summer, best one yet! I will also miss the added income, but it will be nice to have additional time to catch up on things.

D and I took three days off from work last week and went camping! We canoed for about 40 minutes, then hiked for an hour and a half (just because we had to make 2 trips) and then rowed for about 10 minutes to a little cabin on an island. It was an adorable cabin! It was a great few days as well. Much needed!

D and I were having some problems earlier this month and in September. Mostly myself getting mad at him for not spending time with me or lack of effort with everything, and he getting mad at me over little things too (i.e. he was so upset when I threw out expired meat). It was just bad, I think stress from our jobs was adding to it. It's been getting better now though, we talked about things a lot. It definitely made me question a lot of things though too. I want things to work out, I hope that they do! So far since our camping trip things have been a lot better, maybe it was just a little break from work that was needed.

My best friend's ex boyfriend passed away a couple of weeks ago from a drug overdose. She dated him for more than 3 years, but they broke up 4 years ago. He was a different person back then. I went with her to the memorial on Sunday, it was incredibly sad. A parent should never have to go through something like that.  I also arrived second to the scene of a fatal car crash on my way home from work about a week and a half ago. Both instances made me realize that life is so short and that it's so much about the relationships you have.

I've been reading a bit more. I just finished "I've Got Your Number" by Sophie Kinsella. It was a fast read, not very believable, but entertaining. I bought it from a girl selling things on kijiji in my area. I bought 6 books, including one hardcover for $10! They are great, brand new looking!

I want to make something a little crafty too. Maybe some throw pillows for our ugly couches. I entered our couches into the Leon's room makeover contest and was surprised we didn't win!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Extreme Cheapskates

Have you heard of this new show on TLC? It gives you an inside look at some really cheap people in America. Some reuse toilet paper, dive in dumpsters for gifts, asking strangers for their leftovers. Check out a clip here from one of the shows.

Is there anything you do that you consider especially frugal?

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Spending!

I cannot believe it's already October!! September went by so fast! I worked a lot during September, even got 2.5 days of teaching in. Went to my elementary school's 25th anniversary with D, hung out with work friends a lot (I am going to miss them once the season is over), went out a couple of times with my brothers too.

Rent (19%) ACTUAL: 8%
Hydro (3%) 3%
Internet (3%) 2% 
Laundry (2%) 1%
Car and Gas (11%) ACTUAL: 12% A lot of driving!
Phone (3%) ACTUAL: 2%
Food (8%) ACTUAL: 6%
Restaurant (3%) ACTUAL: 1%
Personal/Medical (4%) ACTUAL 0%
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 6% A couple of t-shirts, hoodies, and a pair of jeans
Gifts (5%) ACTUAL 4% Wedding gift, food basket for my mom

Education (2%) ACTUAL 0%
Entertainment (3%) ACTUAL 1%
Everything Else (5%) ACTUAL: 1% Hair for wedding

TOTAL (73%) ACTUAL 47% This is pretty good for September! I only went over in car and gas spending. There was a lot of driving this month to the city and to work which is about a 50km round trip.

TFSA (15%) ACTUAL: 60% toward the "future TFSA"
Christmas (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
Camera (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
RRSP (5%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 15%

TOTAL (28%) ACTUAL 75% I am really happy with the amount of savings again. It was due to having that serving job though. It's going to be difficult when it's back to only teaching again. Hopefully I can work there at least one more summer! 

October I want to save more toward the future TFSA. I want to carve pumpkins. I have to figure out whether we are going to stay in this apartment or not since our least is up at the end of the month! Ah, some big decisions coming up. 

August Spending

A little late on this post. August and September were really busy months! A lot of working, but it was good!

Rent (19%) ACTUAL: 7%
Hydro (3%) 2%
Internet (3%) 2% 
Laundry (2%) 1%
Car and Gas (11%) ACTUAL: 8%
Phone (3%) ACTUAL: 1%
Food (8%) ACTUAL: 4%
Restaurant (3%) ACTUAL: 1%
Personal/Medical (4%) ACTUAL 6% Hair appointment and prescription
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 1% Pair of shoes for work and the wedding
Gifts (5%) ACTUAL 3% Bachelorette gift

Education (2%) ACTUAL 4% ASL course
Entertainment (3%) ACTUAL 3%
Everything Else (5%) ACTUAL: 10% AUX wire for the car, purses, dress alterations

TOTAL (73%) ACTUAL 53% This isn't too bad. I am sure I could have done better, but I am still happy with this amount!

TFSA (15%) ACTUAL: 61% for the "future TFSA"
Christmas (3%) ACTUAL: 0% This is done now!
Camera (3%) ACTUAL: 2%
RRSP (5%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 0%

TOTAL (28%) ACTUAL 64% Now THIS is a great number!! I am very happy with the savings this month. I am going to miss having my serving job once it's complete, the extra money from it was amazing!