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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Job and Tips

I started the new one-on-one worker job on Friday. It went pretty good. The kid was happy and got along pretty well with the other kids. He only had one meltdown and that was when his mom came to pick him up and he did not want to leave. Anyway, he was back on Monday and gave me a big hug. We had another good day until his mom came and he did not want to leave. A couple of stickers as incentive worked well though.

Today I start one-on-one with the second kid I'll be working with this summer. I will be working with this older kid 3 days a week for six weeks of the summer. I hope it goes well.

I've been working a few more shifts at the restaurant and made some tips. In three days I made about $300 in tips for doing just under 20 hours. I am enjoying the job more and more. However, when I applied I said that for 6 weeks of the summer (and I listed the dates) that I would not be available to work until 5:30 during weekdays. Weekends were fine and so were all the other days. What do they do? They schedule me every single day this week during daytime hours. So I talked to the manager who is extremely difficult to talk to and read, and explained this. So now because of a mistake on their part, I have no shifts there this week. Ugh.


  1. You have so many jobs it's amazing and it's not surprising you have a few hiccups. I really like the one on one child care thing. I wouldn't mind doing something like that one day a week.

    Hopefully the restaurant problem irons out by weekend. $300 in tips is awesome.

  2. That is an impressive haul on tips. Great job! Hopefully the scheduling gets worked out before too long.