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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekends! I definitely had a nice weekend.

I started working at the restaurant on my own on Friday. It went pretty well although I only worked 4 hours and had three tables. I still made about $40 in tips. I worked Saturday as well where I messed up big time (put in a food order late and the lady complained). It was the busiest day of the season yet but oh well.

I also celebrated my birthday! My roommate from school came up to visit, D's parents made me supper and a cake and then D, my roommate and her boyfriend and I went to the fireworks. They were soo good! We saw my brother on our way out of the fireworks and he and his girlfriend invited us all over because he had made me a cake. Mmmm 3 cakes this year!

The next day D's sister had a campfire party which was nice and yesterday we went for a boat ride with his family and did some swimming. His family is so nice. D is going to take me SCUBA diving for my birthday sometime soon. I am super excited about it!

I am going to be making some calls today to hopefully be able to look at apartments together soon. 


  1. Happy belated birthday. Seems like you are having a blast.

  2. Did you take a picture of a cake?

    I walked into a baby shower store in Collingwood and saw a real diaper cake! They also sold taggies but called them 'ribbon blankets'. And here I thought you were just crazy ...

  3. http://girlmakescents.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-friday-friday.html

    Picture is there. Do you remember how much they were selling them for in Collingwood? I made mine, 3 tiers, 123 diapers, bottle in it, toy on top, ribbons, and cake base for about $50.

    The taggies were more expensive than I thought they would be to make just because fabric is always expensive and I'm a terrible estimator. Oh well!