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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things Going On

It's been a busy week! And is going to continue to get busier!

This past weekend I went to visit my roommate from school. It was her baby shower. She really enjoyed the gift and it was nice to spend time with my old roommates.

Yesterday I worked one-on-one and we went to a Toronto FC practice. Then we went to Bronte park which was really fun. My kid ended up getting sick because it was so hot and he ran himself out. But he and I both enjoyed ourselves.

I work the rest of this week 8:30-4:00 and then Thursday and Friday I'm also working starting at 5 at the restaurant. I'm supposed to work Saturday too but I'm going to have to get it off because I am supposed to be a bartender at my parent's friend's wedding.

I am meeting that friend tonight after work. Hope it goes well, I have never bartended before so it's bound to be disastrous. Should make some good tips my mom said though. D and I are also going to see the final Harry Potter movie tonight! Cheap night!

Tomorrow after work we are going to try and go diving!!! We were fitted for suits on Friday and so he is going to call today to try and get us in. Hope it works out, I'm really excited about it! The rest of the week is just going to be work, hopefully I get a paycheque soon!


  1. You really are a busy bee and having lots of fun while doing it. Enjoy.

  2. Diving!! I'm scared of being underwater too long :/