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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Speeding Ticket

I got my first speeding ticket two weekends ago. Ugh.

It was the weekend I went to my old roommate's baby shower. She lives almost 5 hours away. I was on my way home and the GPS told me to take the last exit close to my house. I took a different exit and after the highway it was an 80 zone.

I was doing 106 apparently and was pulled over. I gave him my licence, registration and answered all the questions. He came back and to me and said he reduced it to 15km/h over so I wouldn't lose any points and it won't affect my insurance, and the fine was $52.50.

Not terrible but still I wish I never got it. An unexpected and unnecessary expense.


  1. he's lying that it doesnt affect your insurance...I got a ticket for $40 once, they told me if I just pay it on time it would be like it never happened...that $40 ticket ended up costing an extra $15 a month ($180/yr).

  2. i disagree with HKLover. It usually doesn't affect your insurance (but insurance will go up yearly regardless...) It depends on your insurance company too. Some are just more strict than others.

  3. ohh ya well i got the speeding ticket before I got my car, and when i called around for insurance i got a certain quote and then when i called back to actually register for the insurance they were like "oh i see you have this speeding ticket so its an extra $15" how lame is that????

  4. I know how much that sucks, I didn't get a speeding ticket but I once got pulled over for my seat belt. Any dumb unnecessary charges always suck.

  5. No one ever wants to get ticketed. However, there will come a time that someone might overlook their speed limit, especially when they drive in an almost carless road. But at least it just ended with a ticket and nothing more. Take care!

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bonds

  6. It's the small things that we sometimes tend to overlook. Good thing you didn’t have a hard time dealing with the officer, and he even reduced the charge. Otherwise, not only would it have affected your insurance, but your score as well. At least you won't have any problems when you need to renew your license again. Drive safe!

    Faith Brady