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Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Apartment Searching

You would think living in a small town, finding an apartment would be easy? No it's the opposite. In my town there are laws against high-rise buildings so there are few apartments and mostly just basements of houses or low-rise buildings. I'm fine with those but the price also seems to go up in my town. It's at least $100-200 per month more expensive from the neighbouring towns.

Anyway, I really liked that one place we looked at but the lack of laundry would be annoying. I would really like to find a place with laundry in the apartment, or at least on-site.

D called the girl back yesterday and she said she has another place that might interest us. It's mostly a seniors building (welcome to my town), and it's a two bedroom. Maybe I could convince my brother or a random to live with us? Kijiji anyone? It's $925 plus all utilities it sounds like, and has laundry on-site, which I assume means paid laundry in some room. We are viewing it this evening once D is finished work. We have the time to be picky right now, so if we don't like it we will just keep looking. It's kind of a nice situation to be in.

I am really all for a 2 bedroom. It would help D and I out a lot. Instead of paying $400 each plus utilities for an $800 1 bedroom, we could pay $300 each plus a third of utilities for a 2 bedroom. Likely a larger place. I'm fine with sharing space. I also live in a town with a satellite campus of a university and a college so there are sometimes students from other places looking for a cheap place to rent close to the schools, so might be able to find a student if my brother is not interested.

Tonight after the viewing my cousin and her boyfriend, D and I are going to have supper at my cousin's house and then go see Horrible Bosses. It looks pretty funny.

I forgot to mention the other day that I added $600 to TFSA, and $100 to Computer fund. I should really start a furniture fund and increase the emergency fund as well. Just in case we do get an apartment. The computer fund it more than maxed out now, I just need to decide whether I really want to buy a new one (this one shut down on me already once this morning) or whether I want to buy a different fun toy, like a camera I've been oogling the past 6 months, or if I should be responsible and put it into savings.


  1. Seems the apartment hunting is going well and it's nice you can take your time and look. Even better and something I get from all of your post is how happy life is for you and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Just to be happy. It even makes me happy to read your stuff.

    On the computer fund. You were responsible and you saved it so whatever you do should be guilt free and you should enjoy it to the maximum. Just note if you choose not to go for the computer and your current one completely dies you could be left in a pickle.

  2. I disappear for a few weeks and you're moving out with D? =O

    When did this happen? I missed it! =(