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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Birthday Present

D asked me what I wanted for my birthday (which was at the beginning of this month) and I really couldn't think of anything I really wanted or needed. So I suggested he take me scuba diving. Last Friday we got fitted for wetsuits and signed up to do the Wednesday evening dive.

We went to Washago on Wednesday and dived in Green River. It was pretty clear. It was really fun to go diving again but it was nothing like Dominican. The water was clear but still darkish and not a lot to see. I saw a ton of zebra muscles, and a few fish. D found a licence plate while we were down there too. Ocean diving is way more exciting. I think we will go maybe a couple more times this summer since the dives were not too expensive. It was about $75 for both of us including all equipment. It's also really good experience, I could use the practice.

However I would rather save my money to put toward a vacation fund to go diving somewhere south again. One day...


  1. The ocean has to be much more fun but it still sounds like a good time. Hope you have had a great weekend.

  2. Me too ... I have self-imposed restrictions on travel out of North America but am seriously thinking of breaking it!

  3. By the way, Iceland is cheap!


  4. I know, I think I'd rather do very few entertainment activities and save to go somewhere nice. I get travelzoo newsletters too and just saw that this morning! I would love to go!