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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apartment Viewed

Last night D and I looked at an apartment. It's a nice place. It's the lower level of a backsplit so it has nice full, big windows. It has a parking spot, and access to a backyard. We could have a little patio set and bbq. The kitchen and living room are open concept, but small. No dishwasher, laundry, and it only has a single sink. The bedroom is small but doable. The bathroom is quite large and has a full bath. It has a gas fireplace. It's $800 plus hydro. Hydro would be quite minimal because it's heated by gas.

It's a full year lease. I don't like there being no laundry, and only a single sink. I keep comparing places to my brother who has 2 floors, HUGE living room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, laundry and dishwasher included. He pays $900 plus.

I also compare it to a place I saw online that has been rented out. It was $775 plus utilities. But had a nice big kitchen and living room. It had one bedroom, a balcony, and laundry included.

I just don't want to sign a lease if we aren't going to love the place. I know D would sign a lease if I wanted him to with me but he is hesitant on a few things as well. For now we will continue to look. I really like the place but it's missing a few things I would really like to have. So for now we will keep looking.


  1. I believe you made the right decision to keep looking especially since it is a full year's lease.

    You will find the right one soon.

  2. A year can be a long time if things are not how you want them to be.

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