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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I still have a lot of shopping left to do! Why did I procrastinate this year??

D and I both have two days off this week so hopefully we can do some shopping together then. Especially shopping for parents and siblings. I bought D one thing so far, it was a board game that we have played with his sister and brother-in-law that we both like. He suggested the other day that maybe we should get our own copy. So I bought it and an expansion pack. It's called Settlers Of Catan. It's really cool, but ended up being $101 for both games.

I bought both of my roommates gifts and visited them this weekend. It was such a fun time. I forgot to pick up one of the gifts from one friend. The other roommate gave me a sewing bag, a card game called Dutch Blitz, a Christmas ornament, and some chocolate.

THANK YOU so much to my Secret Santa who turned out to be Annabelle gave me a book called Before I Go To Sleep which I am excited to start reading once I complete my current book, "The Half Blood Blues."

My brother came over on Friday and dropped me off the first part of my Christmas gift which he said was "time-sensitive." It turned out to be a bunch of Christmas themed baking items. A Christmas cake stand, a gingerbread flipper, Christmas cookie cutters, and some Christmas sprinkles. I look forward to some baking soon!

Speaking of baking, I made shortbread cookies, gingersnaps, and peanut butter butterscotch marshmallow squares on Friday. I had earlier done my nails...after I completed the squares I noticed that one of my nails was missing. I looked everywhere for it, but it MAY have ended up in the squares. I couldn't see it but didn't want to risk taking it to the party and have someone bite into a sticker nail! Ugh.

We have our Christmas tree up now. We picked it out last Sunday and chopped it down. It's all decorated in blue and silver balls. I put a star on the top which looked really nice for a couple of days but then it flopped over and turned into a falling star. We both haven't fixed it since it makes me laugh looking at it. Eventually we will trim it and fix it though.

Because we have so many Christmases to go to this year and travelling to do I suggested we do a small family Christmas on Christmas Eve instead since we were going to be travelling to the Niagara region for Christmas this year. My parents were good with that. I booked the time off work, and received the new schedule on Saturday. They booked me in and pretty much every other server. I asked if I could request to be one of the first people cut that day since I was supposed to be having Christmas with my family then, and the manager turned angry but said she would consider it. I spoke with my parents today and we are going to do a lunch Christmas together and then I can work and we can leave for Niagara afterward.

I am beginning to think of my new years goals for 2012. What are your new years resolutions/goals?


  1. My sister gave me Catan a few years ago - I taught my 93-year-old grandmother to play it and she won on her first try, with 'the longest road'.

    I just started scratching out new goals for next year. Getting into ETFs and donating blood for the first time is on the list!

  2. Yay for boardgames! I'm glad your book arrived so timely - it's probably my fave thing I read in 2011, hope you like it!

  3. Happy holidays to you.

    I hope Christmas was enjoyable.

    I think I've got my goals ready, will have them up in a blog post soon.