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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November Spending!

Wow, November was a crazy month. Hence the lack of postings. I hope to do more in the new year since I think December will be a bit crazy as well. D and I moved in together in November! I started a new serving job. With moving in came a lot of immediate expenses and things we needed to purchase for the apartment.

Rent ACTUAL: 13%
Car and Gas (15%) ACTUAL: 4%
Phone (4%) ACTUAL: 2%
Food (4%) ACTUAL: 10%
Restaurant (4%) ACTUAL: 4%
Personal/Medical (6%) ACTUAL 2% Prescription
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 4%
Gifts (2%) ACTUAL 1%
Education (2%) ACTUAL 0%
Entertainment (4%) ACTUAL 3%
Everything Else (3%) ACTUAL: 23% Ah!! I bought a dining table and chairs, and then some stuff for the apartment. Toaster, garbage cans, some kitchen items, Christmas tree decorations.

TOTAL (48%) ACTUAL 66%!! Ouch...

TFSA (35%) ACTUAL: 17%
Christmas (5%) ACTUAL: 0% Done with this category now
Computer (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
RRSP (6%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 0%

TOTAL (52%) ACTUAL 17% Glad I was able to manage some...

We haven't even paid our first hydro or internet bill yet! I am curious to see what those will be like... For December I hope to keep spending to a minimum, except for Christmas gifts. I have saved $800 for Christmas. I hope to keep my spending around that, if not lower. I have very few ideas for people though so it might be a little hectic Christmas shopping this year! 


  1. I have very few ideas for Christmas presents also. It's getting stressful!

  2. You were high on "everything else" and food, but it looks like it kinda got balanced out. Have fun shopping! That's awesome that you saved $800 specifically for Christmas gifts!