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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Always Check Your Statements

I was looking online at my statement. I generally check it at least once a week just to see how much I have spent and making sure everything is correct.

I was looking online at my HBC statement and noticed something called Coverdell Canada Brampton xo. I was in Mississauga earlier in the month to do some marking but I couldn't remember purchasing anything in Brampton for $22 and change.

Not a huge deal, but not something I want to pay for if I didn't actually purchase it or want it!

I call the HBC mastercard company and ask about it and they say that I should have received a phone call or something in the mail talking about Total Home Care. I said I did not and am not interested in the service. She put me through to the Coverdell Canada people and I explained again.

The man seemed a little exasperated, I am sure he was receiving several of these phone calls. But it was a fast removal. I got a confirmation number and the man's name just in case, since I still do not see a credit for it on my statement.

Things like this frustrated me! I bet they get away with it with a ton of people, I know D definitely does not ever check his statements. If you have a HBC Mastercard, make sure to check your statements for this Coverdell.


  1. What frustrates me is bank fees. It's even more frustrating for me now because my bank has this thing where they wait till the end of the month and put it on as a back dated service charge and then I have to go into the bank to sort it out because I usually avoid anything that would require me paying fees.

    I actually have to go sort one of these out this month.

  2. this actually happened to me. I called Coverdell and they insisted that i did sign up for their car serives, i dont even own a car... They said they would remove and it would take two days. When they said they removed you, did they actually stop billing you? Or was it just a ploy to get you off the phone?

  3. I was only charged the one time. They did remove it and credited my account. So annoying!!

  4. Same here..............I just fight with them and they assured me the reversal in next billing cycle.

  5. Thanks for this thread. I was just noticing this in my HBC statement and wondering what purchase I did with them. Then, I started searching in google and this post thread came into my notice.

    My action item now is to check with HBC custcare and find out when they can reverse this transaction.

    Thanks again.

  6. Just got off the phone with HBC. Nothing they can do. Its saturday so I have to wait until monday to contact Coverdell. What a pain! Canceling my HBC card and any future business with them. Can't believe the oldest department store in the world has lowered themselves to do business this way.

  7. One year lateer, they are now hitting me, a custummer of BMO Master Card. Thank you for the info. I was wondering what it was. I live in Trois-Rivieres, QC.

  8. HBC CUSTOMER: I did receive a call from Coverdell Canada through Hudson's Bay Company; I declined their offer over the telephone; I declined their offer via e-mail and they still charged me for four months before I realized that they were charging me. Please check your statements very carefully. I have frozen my HBC credit card and am in the process of trying to get these unauthorized charges reversed. I am stunned that HBC would allow this to happen to their customers and am considering cancelling my HBC card. I am from Hamilton, Ontario.