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Monday, April 30, 2012

April Spending

April went by pretty fast! I spent 6 days marking literacy tests in Toronto. I had an awesome time there, met some great people! I spent Easter with D's grandparents. I went to my roommate's engagement party and met her friends, all were really cool! I quit my job at the sushi restaurant, and was rehired at the restaurant I worked at last summer. 

Rent (19%) ACTUAL: 18%
Hydro (3%) 10% yikes!
Internet (3%) 4% 
Laundry (2%) 2% 
Car and Gas (11%) ACTUAL: 24% Ughh so much driving this month!! Then I also got an oil change and had to get my car looked at because the engine light turned on
Phone (3%) ACTUAL: 7%
Food (8%) ACTUAL: 8%
Restaurant (3%) ACTUAL: 12% This is mostly due to having to buy meals while in Toronto
Personal/Medical (4%) ACTUAL 6%
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 1% A striped shirt
Gifts (5%) ACTUAL 0%
Education (2%) ACTUAL 1% Applied to another school board
Entertainment (3%) ACTUAL 3%
Everything Else (5%) ACTUAL: 7% Bought some paints, a fruit bowl, cards to make a game

TOTAL (73%) ACTUAL 102% Wow this month was brutal!! Gas and restaurant really put me over. I make quite a bit less than I typically do as well. Easter and those days working in Toronto (I am not paid for them until May).

TFSA (15%) ACTUAL: 0%
Christmas (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
Camera (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
RRSP (5%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 0%

TOTAL (28%) ACTUAL 0% I don't think there has ever been a month in the past couple of years where I have not saved ANY money!!

May cannot be worse than April. I hope to get a lot more teaching in and start the new restaurant job. I will be getting paid for my days in Toronto as well so I definitely expect to get a lot more savings accomplished next month!! 


  1. It's always gas and electricity they get you every time ....

  2. EQAO will be good for the resume :)

  3. I can't ever recall seeing an update like this from you. I expect that May will make up for it though.

    Hydro is the most surprising to me.