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Monday, April 2, 2012

March Spending

March went by pretty quick! It was my 3 paycheque month but I was only paid twice due to lack of teaching and March Break :( It was D's birthday which ended up being really expensive! We went to a Leaf game, I bought him tickets to see the Marlies for April. We went out for dinner. We went to see the Hunger Games!! Hung out with friends, had a bunch of people over for St. Patrick's Day. I did a girls shopping weekend with D's mom and sister and I filed a police report on a scary man. 

Rent (19%) ACTUAL: 0% This is because I paid for D's Jeep to be fixed. 
Hydro (3%) 6%
Internet (3%) 4% 
Laundry (2%) <1% My parents went to Florida for 2 weeks so we did laundry at their house!
Car and Gas (11%) ACTUAL: 5%
Phone (3%) ACTUAL: 3%
Food (8%) ACTUAL: 7%
Restaurant (3%) ACTUAL: 6% This is mostly because of the Toronto trip and D's birthday
Personal/Medical (4%) ACTUAL <1% Body wash and that's it!
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 4% A pair of shoes, a skirt, and some shirts. Not bad for a shopping trip
Gifts (5%) ACTUAL 1%
Education (2%) ACTUAL 6% Signed up for another ASL course!
Entertainment (3%) ACTUAL 1%
Everything Else (5%) ACTUAL: 17% Ugh so high!! But this is mostly paying taxes! Bought a tax program online and a printer too.

TOTAL (73%) ACTUAL 61% Surprisingly underbudget! Imagine I didn't have to pay those pesky taxes!!

TFSA (15%) ACTUAL: 17%
Christmas (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
Camera (3%) ACTUAL: 0%
RRSP (5%) ACTUAL: 17%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 0%

TOTAL (28%) ACTUAL 33% Not too bad! 

I am happy with how March turned out. I ended up being able to save a decent amount and didn't spend too much even with a shopping trip in there! I am hoping April will be just as good. Hopefully some more TFSA and RSP savings! Nothing too exciting is happening in April so spending should be normal.


  1. Police report?? I hope you're ok!
    Sounds like a fun month other than that!!

  2. I agree that Police report sounds like scary stuff....

  3. You always do so well with your spending and budgeting. I am always impressed.