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Saturday, March 31, 2012

RRSP Contribution and Respite Issue

As I was doing my taxes and inputted my RSP contributions there was this little sliding scale that would tell me how much I would owe or get as a return depending on my RSP contribution. I owed with my $2000 last year. But with just a few more contributions I would have been getting money back and had more in my RSPs. 


So this year I am going to contribute more! I NEED to. I don't want to have to pay taxes again next year making as little as I do. I contributed another $500 last night. I am 75% of my $1200 goal for the year, but I think I can exceed it. 

Today I was also paid $140 for some respite care I've done. However I have driven the kid around a ton and not received any mileage so I am currently emailing the caseworker asking if I am going to be paid some mileage. I've put over 350km on my car with this kid, plus she lives about 25km away so probably closer to 500km. She's a great kid and I'd love to continue to work with her but it's just getting to be too much and after the cost of gas is factored into it, I'd be making under minimum wage! 


  1. Ours just jumped to $129.9 here. It makes me rethink every 'out and about' I make. glad to hear you have a good plan for RRSP for next year...with a great motivator of a refund, to cheer you on.

  2. You should definitely contribute more to your RRSP if possible.

    I can understand your problem with the respite care but if you can't manage and afford it at the moment, don't force yourself. They are other ways you can help children and you can always do it later when you are in a better financial position.