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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working, Resting, and Taxes

It's been a busy few weeks.

A couple of weekends ago I went to Toronto with D's mom. We met up with his sister who lives there and stayed at her place for 3 nights. It was a nice girls weekend. We went shopping and saw the new Marilyn movie. We went out for dinners and drinks. Toronto is such a cool place!

Last week D's parents took us out to a local pub for D's early birthday. We had amazing food and drinks. They stayed at our apartment afterward and then D went to work in the morning. His family is so sweet.

Monday was D's birthday, we both worked and then I took D out for dinner. It was expensive!! Almost $90!! That's why we don't go out very often! That would be a weeks worth of groceries!! I made carrot cake so we had that at home. I gave him his gift as well, 2 Leaf tickets, a sci-fi book, a crockpot book, and 6 Marlies tickets. He was happy and is excited about the games.

I've been doing some respite work lately and will do 4 days this week. It can be tough sometimes but rewarding as well. Some of these kids have such sad situations. I am also working at the restaurant quite a bit.  Last night was busy and tips were good. I am hoping tonight will be similar.

I need to do my taxes soon but am still waiting on TWO T4 slips!! Shouldn't they just be sending them instead of me having to call and e-mail them?? Grrr.


  1. Ugh I hate waiting on stuff to do my taxes. It is the law that they send you your stuff before Jan 31st. Or so i thought!

    Happy bday to D :) My BF's bday is this Friday. I'm hoping it doesn't put a huge dent in my wallet.

  2. Birthday's are expensive things, but it's only once a year......

  3. I know!! Well I think technically it's the end of February but still. They only JUST asked me for my SIN number. I received one of the T4s yesterday at least.

    Thank goodness they are only once a year!!

  4. I sort of like the fact that there aren't many places to spend money!

    Taxes, my mom did for me :)

  5. You've been busy, I can understand being annoyed about having to wait on slips to do your taxes.