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Friday, March 23, 2012

Added to the Funds, Got Another Job

Woo managed to add another $500 to my TFSA last night, only $2000 left to max it out for the year and there are still NINE months left this year. Totally doable.

I also brought my "Extra Income" up over 50% of my total goal for the year. I've been doing a bunch of respite and restaurant work.

I also was informed that I have been accepted to mark the EQAO literacy test in April. They are going to pay my mileage, pay for a hotel for the 6 days, give me a daily allowance for food. It should be interesting.


  1. Good job! $2,000 is totally doable in 9 months. I have to start focusing on maxing out my retirement funds this year.

    What is the EQAO test? Nice that they are paying for everything!

  2. Good job!

    I also applied to mark EQAO last year but never heard anything. I'd be really interested in hearing about your experience. Not sure I totally support the idea of how taxpayers' money is being spent but that's another story ...