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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Owing Taxes

Ugh this is the first year I am ever going to have to OWE on my taxes. I am STILL waiting on one T4 which is going to make the amount I owe even worse! I am frustrated, so ILLEGAL to keep my T4 from me this long. I am hoping to get it tonight! I just want to get this tax thing over with!

I did D's taxes for him and he gets over $800 back!! Lucky guy. Maybe he will take me out for dinner for doing his taxes when he gets his return?

Anyway this weekend was great. We went out for dinner and then went to see 21 Jumpstreet with friends of ours. We arrived late though so had to sit in the front row. Not fun haha. Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. We had a bunch of people over to our tiny apartment. D's sister and brother-in-law stayed over. It was a lot of fun, Irish jigs were involved haha. Sunday we slept in to recover a bit and then went to D's house for his belated birthday dinner.

His sister and brother-in-law got him "Game of Thrones" season one for his birthday. We watched two episodes last night. Not too sure what I think of it just yet. Have you seen it? And who is excited for The Hunger Games to come out on Friday???


  1. I'm reading the second book for Hunger Games and have the 3rd one on my iPad. I'm doing AQ homework with a deadline today and I know I won't make up :/ but I still woke-up in the morning and snuck in 10-15 minutes of reading. There are no cinemas here in Whapmagoostui!!! I can't watch the movie on Friday so I'm making Snoopy watch it for me and to report back.

    Taxes: Remember to keep donation slips and bus passes (if you've got any), and tuition credits (i.e. AQs)

  2. It too annoys me how some people wait so long to get your slips to you knowing there is a deadline to file taxes by.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Hope you have the same kind of week.

  3. I want to see that movie. Looks good!

  4. I also owe on taxes... but I have a plan and will get that "other debt" paid off ASAP.

  5. I'm sorry you owe on taxes but D BETTER take you out with that huge refund of his :P I got about $500 but I dumped it all into savings so it was like I didn't get one at all.

    I want to see The Hunger Games but I also want to read the books first...I'll prob end up watching it first and not reading the books :(

  6. BTW, if you can read epub files I can send you the Hunger Games by email.