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Friday, April 27, 2012

Thoughts of Going Overseas

I have been getting really frustrated with my current school board. I LOVE my job but I am not getting enough work and it doesn't look like there will be any permanent positions opening up for a LOOONG time.

I knew the job prospects when I was entering into teacher's college, I went for it anyway because teaching is what I want to do. However it will be 4 years since I graduated in June and I am tired of daily supply.

D and I have been talking occasionally about going overseas to work. He was totally on board over a year ago when I was still very hesitant. But now, I see it as an opportunity to teach and travel.

With my school board we have to work at least 15 full days per school year in order to keep our position on the supply list. So ideally I would prefer to leave in January in order to get those days in for the 2012-2013 school year.

Where have we been looking? D's first choice was Thailand. However D does not have a university degree and that would make getting a work visa extremely hard for him. It's a little sketchy to go on a tourist visa and work under the table. Also the pay is fairly poor in Thailand although living expenses are very inexpensive. I think I would rather go there for travel.

My first choice would be Holland. I was supposed to go there a couple of years ago with my ex and it didn't happen. I've always wanted to go there though. Some of my best friends are Dutch and I know Canadians are very welcomed there. I've applied to a bunch of international schools there but haven't heard anything promising back from them yet.

I posted my resume on a ESL job board and have received 3 job offers already, in less than a week, Taiwan and China. I think I would prefer a European country at this point though. I know you can make the most money in South Korea but I am looking for something different.

As of right now I am really thinking about Czech Republic. I wish flights weren't so expensive because I would love to check out some countries before making a decision! It would be nice to be able to apply in person. Anyway that is what we've been discussing lately. No guarantees it will actually happen though. Both sets of parents don't seem overly thrilled, and would rather us stay in Canada.


  1. We've been thinking about moving as well. However, we both have good jobs, we just feel like we're missing out on life by living in the Midwest.

  2. I think that would be really cool! It's something I never had the guts to do, but I think you should go for it!

  3. The Czech Republic is such a beautiful country...and although the flight to get there is pricey it's so cheap when you're actually there! Although I imagine Taiwan and China would also be pretty cheap. What an awesome opportunity!

  4. Definitely do this while you are young, once the littlies arrive you are kind of tied.....

  5. I hear you. I will be out 3 years as of a few months, although right now I am happy working indirectly with schools. I may stick with my charity for another year. It's frustrating not knowing what my future looks Iike in 3 years, a year, let along when September rolls around. If you're interested in working up in northern communities, there are jobs. D. could find something else too.

    If you do find a school overseas you are interested in and they make you an offer, I would ask to speak with one of the teachers that currently work there. What they think of the working conditions, the staff but see if you can speak with during the off-hours when they are not in their work environment. If the recruiter or employer refuses, then that seems rather suspicious. It also gives you an idea of how "open" they are. Even search for the name of your school on Facebook, LinkedIn or just in general on the Internet. If you find a current employee of the school you are thinking of, you could contact them that way too.

    I am only familiar with South Korea, since I taught for a year, and am not familiar with teaching in other countries. Good luck whatever you decide!

  6. It's a big decision to make. You have to trust your guts on this one I believe. If there is ever a time to do something like this it is probably now. Not only are you young, you have someone to do it with who will be there when things get tough.

  7. It's a very good idea to experience life in another country. I have lived in several countries and enjoyed myself though it was not easy saying bye to family and then relocating. Living among other cultures has been on my to-do list since childhood and I am glad I have done it. I would say go for it!