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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Thursday Updates

I reached my goal of saving $1000 for my parents yesterday! I have it all neatly placed in an envelope so I will have to make a trip out to where they camp to put the deposit on their seasonal dues for next year.

Work has been busy, which is great! I need to make money this summer!

I went to bingo the other day with my mom. It was so much fun but we didn't win anything.

We had dinner at D's family's house on Sunday. My cousin and her boyfriend joined us there. We went boating, ah I love summer!

D has a family reunion on Sunday, I have the day off work so it should be a good time. Will be nice to see that side of his family again. I have to either bring a dessert or a salad to the party, not sure which one to bring. His family gets pretty fancy with their desserts and I won't have a ton of time to make something up to their par.

We had an apartment fly infestation!! There were so many of them flying around. They would keep me up at night and they were just a nuisance in general. I put up some of those disgusting sticky tape things to catch them....did they ever work well! I should post the picture I took of one of them COVERED with flies! EWW!!!

I did day one of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, it nearly KILLED me!!! I am way more out of shape than I thought! The days after the video were harder than the video itself! Might try to do another one today. My cousin said she is going to do it too starting on Monday.

I want a pet so badly. It doesn't make sense to have one in our apartment though. Instead I visit my parents a lot, but mostly just to play with their dog :)


  1. Well, there is a 2-for-1 vat adoption run right now!


  2. I attempt the 30 day shred....I never made it past week 1, but I think that is because I hate jumping jacks and pushups

  3. Ah I would love to do the adoption but it just doesn't make sense at this point in my life. We have the same "sale" going on here.

    Haha I hate push-ups and the side lunges with curl-ups. They nearly kill me but I love the feeling afterward.

  4. Hey do you mind doing a more detailed review of the 30 day shred when you have more time. I'm thinking of picking it up but I don't want to invest til I know more. Everyone keeps raving about it though.

  5. For sure I can do a review, it's also on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pc-NizMgg8 Check it out.

  6. I bought JM Shred a few years ago, thinking, workout videos are never that hard-- boy was I wrong. I loved it ! I should get it out again. Keep with it !