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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New $20s in Canada...controversy?

Today is the day the new $20 bills go into circulation. I really like the new bills they have been making. They are more durable and harder to counterfeit. However, I was also reading about them and a focus group seemed to think it was too "pornographic" and saw the twin towers in the design which was offensive.

It's ACTUALLY a picture of the vimy ridge memorial in France. I think it's a good thing Canada is putting things like this on our money because it will bring more awareness to history many Canadians didn't even know about.

Apparently this is not even the first time that Canadian's have done these focus groups and have seen questionable things on the money. Many thought they saw "a sex toy" in the $100 bills DNA strand, that the see-through windows looked like a woman's body, some thought Borden's eyes were crossed and that his mustache was unkempt.

Some thought the $50 bill had skull and crossbones in the portholes of the Amundsen. They thought the Inuit writing at the top (which translates to Arctic) was some sort of secret code. That Newfoundland/Labrador was possibly a bird or even Pinocchio. Oh CANADA!!


  1. I actually really like the $50 and $100 bill.
    I'm not too crazy about the $20 bill though... It looks a lil odd. Maybe because the Queen's head appears twice and seems redundant to me.

  2. I had no idea we have new twenties, but as you bring up that point, the whole controversy about the 'overly ethnic' woman pissed me off.

  3. I actually hadn't heard of that controversy until you brought it up. That's just unbelievable for Canadians. Sad really. This is a multicultural nation, ugh!

  4. I hadn't honestly looked that deeply at the pictures - mostly just noticed the texture. I know when I have gone to the bank to get out jar $ and there is a mix of old and new bills, the teller has to slow down when she gets to the new ones as they stick together more.