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Monday, December 3, 2012

December this and that

It's December!! One more month until 2013!!

November was a pretty fast month, I felt really busy. Teaching a number of days. I was accepted onto our school board's LTO list. They are trying to make it more fair. I am terrible at interviews and felt I did awful but somehow I passed!! I am number 270 on the list...ugh.

I accepted a respite job in town. Three kids, one has some pretty major health issues, I go a couple of times a week bi-weekly. It's not a lot of income but it's something! The kids are pretty good too so I don't mind at all.

Today I applied for a new passport. My pictures are AWFUL. Does anyone ever look good in their passport photos?? Ah but they said it should be back in 2-5 weeks. My mom asked me if I was interested in joining her and my dad on a Florida trip this year, perhaps with my brother. I could end up doing that so I will now at least have the option with a passport.

I finished my final exam for my American Sign Language course. I think I did fairly well. After the exams we went out for a drink and appetizers and chatted. It was so nice. The teacher was good friends with my grandpa as well and told several stories about him. I miss him a lot but it's nice that people remember him.

I made a BIG purchase for myself recently. On cyber Monday I bought a DSLR camera. It's a Canon Rebel T4i. I have never used a digital SLR so it will take some time to learn. I'm excited about it though. I ordered it through Best Buy (It was over $500 off) and I STILL have not received it, according to my tracking it hasn't even been sent! I would like to learn how to do a few things before Christmas so I hope it comes soon!!!

I went to a Christmas party at my university roommate's house this weekend. I did a TON of baking for it!!! Gingerbread men (wearing ugly Christmas sweaters), snowman cupcakes, Grinch cookies, marshmallow butterscotch squares, peanut butter blossoms in red and green, Christmas rice krispy squares, Christmas brownies, and candycane bark. It all went over well at the party and I have a lot of leftovers I've been giving out to family and friends.

At the Christmas party I got the new T-Swift CD, a couple of books, a hoodie, a beer mug haha, chocolates and a candle.

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday. She came over and we went out for dinner and ate Christmas treats. Today she called me and told me that she was given T-Swift concert tickets for June in Toronto from her boyfriend and wants to take me! AHHHH I've never been to a concert that big, I am sooo excited!! I'll have to do something nice for her BF. So cool!!!


  1. I also have the new Taylor Swift cd and I'm also going in June AHHHH sooo excited!!!!!

  2. Sounds like life is going swell :)

    Congrats on the LTO lists!