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Monday, February 18, 2013


My parents have been going to the same place in Florida for the past 4 years or so. They took us kids when I was in grade 12, and I haven't been back since. They wanted to go with another couple this year and none of their friends could take time off. So they asked us kids! I said I would be interested, D said it's too much for him. It will be so weird not seeing him for over two weeks since we live together!

So my brother said he would come. My youngest brother has a new girlfriend who I think is great but he has really changed since getting together with her, and especially moving in with her. Unfortunately NOT for the better. Without getting into details, he has really made my life difficult in the past couple of months just by not thinking of how his actions will effect others (typical boy) and thinking only of himself. But he has also decided to come. I'm sure it will be fine, we have always been pretty close.

I am excited for the trip. We leave March 15, and come back April 2nd! My brother is coming back earlier. We have no plans and we are in a fairly low-key part of Florida on the gulf coast. I was really hoping to do one scuba diving trip but haven't been able to find anything near where we are staying. Hopefully I can find something once we get there! I watched the movie "Dolphin Tale" this weekend since we will be staying close to Clearwater, which is where the dolphin Winter is kept. My mom has said she is interested in seeing that aquarium.

I reimbursed my parents for the flight ($580) and gave them extra money ($500) for the condo they are renting. My dad did not want to accept it since he had mentioned he would be paying for it but I insisted. I will help them with groceries and travel once we get there as well.

Less than a month now!


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    1. Remember to get a membership card to cash up on the mileage!

  2. Have fun! This should be a great trip with family!

  3. How was your trip. Please share your experience with us. Look forward for it.