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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love/Hate Christmas Relationship

Yes that's my tree put up on Saturday, I hope it lasts until Christmas! It's J's first REAL Christmas tree :)

I absolutely love Christmas but I cannot stand Christmas shopping. Finding parking, waiting in lines, browsing things forever and not having any ideas!

I am a bit of a procrastinator as well so that never helps. This year I am almost done one gift and have a few ideas in mind for others too.

I've already started making J's gift. He is getting 6 months of dates (12 dates was too much at once)! He actually really loves gifts of experience so it will be perfect. He bought me tickets to see Aladdin for my birthday, and I got him tickets to a baseball game for his. This year although I am not quite complete he is getting...well let me just show you.

January snowshoe rental for trails and subway date.

February a twisted fairytale play and dinner out

March tickets to see one of his favourite hockey teams

April is going to be local movie theatre tickets (not purchased yet).

May is an ice cream date at a new place and tickets to a musical

June is undecided but likely going to be a comedy show or zoo passes...and DQ blizzards! Also not purchased yet.

He will also get a board game (Cards Against Humanity) so he has something to open on Christmas day because the rest are sealed in envelopes.

I think for something different this year, his family is going to get a GOAT! Not for them, but for a family in a developing country through a charity that I will decide upon soon.

My brothers are getting gift cards to stores close to them.

I'm lacking ideas for my three best friends and my parents...might be in the malls after all this year...


  1. The date idea is awesome! Really neat idea to give 6 months of gifts for the 2 of you.

    Cards Against Humanity is a really fun game, I can't remember playing and not laughing until I cried :)

    1. Thanks! I stole the idea from another site. I am already so excited to give it to him. Cards against humanity is an awful but hilarious game. I've never laughed so much playing a game! Although "Things" would be a close second!

  2. You can probably adjust the lighting setting on your camera and it won't look so yellow. The tree must look amazing.

    Great gift idea!

    1. I think I had the flash off and it was just taken on my phone. I'll take some real photos over the break!