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Monday, November 25, 2013

Off Track

I've gone off track in my tracking of spending....I was doing SO good until March of this year. Then I quit blogging and quit tracking...December I NEED to get back on board.

Where is my money going? I have a general idea since my spending habits are pretty much never changing, BUT it's nice to know how much you've been saving and exactly where you are spending your money. So new years resolution starting a month early, I WILL track my spending again.

Ugh December is the month I SPEND the most, but things can only get better from there right? Christmas is only 30 days away according to EVERYONE on facebook. I have only MOSTLY completed one gift so far. More on that soon...

How is your Christmas shopping going? Any ideas on what to get for boys in their mid-twenties that don't really need anything?


  1. I had this mid-year this year. Things got too crazy and I stopped tracking. I've been back on tracking since October and while I find I still need a bit more control, its good to see where the money goes.

    I'm almost done w/Christmas shopping (although it seems it never ends!) I always have a hard time buying for my hubby as he could buy whatever he wants. This year I just bought a few smaller items and gift cards.

    1. I think gift cards is what I will end up doing for a lot of people this year. To me they seem impersonal but practical and everyone likes them!

  2. Uhhh... I guess I shouldn't tell you that I have all my gifts wrapped and cards written except for two. ^__^;

    Gifts for men? Umm. I dunno. iTunes card if he has anything Apple related? ^__^;