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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Is Coming!!

I have saved for Christmas. Hopefully enough! I saved $800. I was hoping earlier this year that I wouldn't even spend that full amount but it all depends really. I really need to get some shopping done though!!

My mom mentioned to me about a week or so ago that my dad would be interested in an ipod touch for Christmas. She said she knows it's a big item so if the three of us kids wanted to split on it that we could get it for both of them to share and that would be more than enough.

I thought that it would be a good idea for my dad, but we could get something else for my mom. I texted my brothers about it. The first one replied saying he's in. It would be about $75 each. The other one wouldn't respond to me. Then Friday we went out for my dad's birthday and went back to their house for some drinks. They went to visit the neighbour and my brother came by and showed me that he bought them an ipad!

It was a Black Friday sale. It was $460. He said he is cool with us still paying $75 toward it or we can do whatever really. I think they will be pretty impressed with it.

I do not know what to get the other members of my family, or D, or D's family. I just need to get out there and start looking or getting hints on what they want. I don't even know what is on my own list!