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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moving In

It's a big process. We're lucky that we don't HAVE to move in just on the first. So we have been taking our time. Moving little things on the first. We moved some big things last night. We're pretty much done moving except for a few little things here and there, and all our clothes.

We are getting what we can from people so we have quite the assortment of furniture. Most I dislike but slipcovers will help. Some things we will just have to purchase. We have no dining room set or TV stand. I think I may look at the thrift store in the town next to us today as well as the re-store.

We had a good Halloween. I carved pumpkins with my cousin and her boyfriend. Then D and I handed out candy at my parents house with the dog. I bought a bunch of Halloween candy on sale yesterday!

We gave in all of the cheques yesterday. I ordered some free ones from ING since I don't have any since that fraud thing made me change my bank account. I am going to pay for internet and hydro and give him the difference from the rent. Rent is going to be $387.5 each.


  1. Congrats on the move. I hear ya' about the odds and ends furniture. I have some truly hideous couches but I keep them covered with blankets - works just as good as slipcovers (and waaaay cheaper). You may want to check kijiji for used furniture, especially the dining room set.

  2. When we moved from our apartment to our house, we had to buy so much furniture and it was so expensive, I wish we would have just bought slipcovers in the beginning to save money.

  3. I have odds and ends furniture from Rambo's bachelor days. Basically, he just inherited all of the pieces his sister didn't want to move across country, sosome couches, a table and odds and ends pieces here and there. I always swore I was gonna buy new furniture but I've never really pursued anything. And even though it sounds broken record, I need to buy a new bed stat!