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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Since moving in things have been pretty good. We picked up a table and chairs on Saturday and put it together. Went to my aunts for supper then my friend and her boyfriend came over. It was nice. They brought a candle as a housewarming gift which was nice. 

D's parents came over this weekend bringing plants and muffins mmm!! 

We saw Puss in Boots on Monday. Nice to have a date night! Last night we watched a war movie, we meant to on Friday for Remembrance day but lacked time. 

D's been keeping up with the dishes which is good. The place is growing on me more and more. We need skinny nightstands since the space where our bed is doesn't leave much room for nightstands. We want to make a TV stand and a kitchen hutch type of thing with a drawer since there are NO drawers in the kitchen. We have our cutlery in a cupboard right now haha.

D bought a swiffer vacuum yesterday. It's funny the things you get excited about now. It's fun to use though. 

My mom and the dog came over for a visit last night. She helped me put up our first curtain. We have almost 11 ft ceilings here so it was tricky with no ladder!!

I'm not too sure about my new serving job. I asked for 4 Monday evenings off to take my ASL class, and I asked for this weekend off to see D's sister's show 2 weeks in advance in a book where you book time off. The manager scheduled me to work everyday that I asked off. I asked around and was able to get all my shifts switched and asked the manager about it. She was NOT IMPRESSED. She said she expects us to work the days we are scheduled, and she can easily just hire someone else if we're going to always switch our shifts. She did it for me this week but said I can't be expecting her to do it again. Ugh. I might just quit if they have an issue with it. They are NOT nice there. The other manager was so rude when he asked what ASL meant, showing me the middle finger when I told him about it, saying he knows sign language too.

I got my $1100 last week! Finally. I haven't put any money into savings this month, it's been a rough month with spending since there is a lot to spend when first starting out. And Christmas is next month!! NEED TO START CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!


  1. I can't believe your serving job! I would be so mad.

  2. Furniture: Have you tried looking on FreeCycle?

    I haven't had a manager that rude, but if it were me, that would be enough reason to start looking for a new job.

  3. I would be looking for a new job, that was completely uncalled for!! OMG, I am angry for you!

    I agree with Two Degrees...Freecycle is AWESOME!

  4. It must be so awesome and exciting living in your new home with the BF. I can see things like the vacuum being exciting.

    I agree with the other's. I probably would have walked off the job at the moment even if it wouldn't be the smartest thing. You probably should start looking for something else but you seem in control of the situation already.

    Enjoy yourself in your new home.

  5. Sorry to hear that your manager is so inflexible. I turned down a job once because during my interview, the manager said that she expected me to show up for my assigned shifts and that I'd just HAVE to miss out on parties and concerts. Ya, I was only 21 at the time but she knew nothing about my social life and whether or not I attended such events. I was so ticked. I walked out of there having decided NOT to take the job. And when she called me to say I had the job, I just turned it down saying I changed my mind about the job.

    As for the ASL, my daughter's educational assistant teaches ASL and said she'd get us (my daughter and I) into a class in the new year. I want to learn it just for interest. Good luck with your course!