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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Living Room Set? Or more into savings?

Remember how I was talking about how I had some furniture lust? There is this particular set of living room furniture that I have had my eye on. I really like it. It's bonded leather which makes it cheaper, it's comfy, well made, and modern. D thinks it looks like office furniture but what does he know.

I noticed this set online several weeks ago. This past week it came on sale!! From $1200 for the set to $800, plus an ottoman. The set is a loveseat, couch, and chair.

Now this is a total WANT not a NEED at all. And $800 plus tax would bring me a little over $900. We have furniture. It's ugly though.

D thinks I should save my money to go on a vacation or something else, but I already have a vacation fund. He also thinks that we might move far away someday and it wouldn't be worth taking furniture with us so it would be a waste to buy it now and have to store it. I really want it but don't need it at all. I think it would just make me happier sitting on matching furniture. What do you think. Is D right? Should I just save my money or buy the set?


  1. Hmmm...will it get in the way of your other goals? If not, they could be an investment for several years. I think you could move it with you after this place if you really like it.

  2. If you are planning on moving far away (i.e. you'd have to fly or do a cross-country move), I wouldn't get the furniture. Furniture depreciates like nothing else. But, if you are going to stay put for a while, that's another story. You can always look on craigslist or at thrift stores to see if you can find something comparable but cheaper.

  3. I don't know. I like nice things so I kind of want to say buy it =p 25% off is a pretty good sale price! If you already have a vacation fund I don't think it really "takes away" from anything so why not?

  4. I'd save my money for some nice real leather furniture. Bonded leather is made of scraps of real leather mixed with polyurethane, and it's made into a roll like fabric, stamped to look like leather. For only $800 or $1200 for 4 pieces (couch, chair, ottoman and loveseat), it's probably not as well made as you think it is.

  5. I would probably save it and buy something really nice if you're going to be moving!

    By the way, I tagged you in a meme that's going around, if you have time to participate!

  6. Save the cash!
    Do you really need that much furniture to sit on?
    Do you entertain every weekend?
    I fell for the couch/loveseat/chair combo.
    Big mistake only used the love seat and chair.
    Never buy a set.
    Get 2 matching chairs for now, then see.

  7. I see you got tagged already, but I don't follow too many other bloggers so I thought I'd tag you too. I'll be off in 6 days!