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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ups and Downs

You remember that manager at my restaurant job that I really disliked? He was condescending and rude to employees AND customers. Well last Friday he came into work a little bit before his shift started....DRUNK....and he quit. The boss asked if he was giving his notice and he said no and that was it. So life around there has been slightly better, I still wish I didn't have to work there though.

Teaching work has been picking up just slightly. Yay...never enough though it seems.

I feel poor lately. I don't even have the option of quitting the restaurant if I want to continue having savings every month. Bills add up really fast and there are things that I would like to do that cost a lot of money. I am glad that March is a 3 paycheque month for me. Hopefully that will help.

On Friday I went to my ASL weekend and got lost. It was also the day we got about 15cm of snow. I was in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out where to go and I went to turn left but instead slid straight into a snowbank. I didn't damage my car but I was STUCKKKK!!! Tires spinning. Over an hour away from home, in the dark, on a middle-of-nowhere road. I called my dad. He came which took over an hour and a half with my brother and they were able to get me out. THANK GOODNESS they were around. I am going to buy them dinner and bring it over for them as a thank you.

On the bright side, my ASL weekend was great! It was really nice to be able to practice signing with Deaf and hearing people interested in ASL. I hope to take more courses soon when they are offered in my area.


  1. Holy cow! I would have been scared if I was stuck in the middle of nowhere alone ...

    Glad you've got people to depend on.

  2. Bet you are glad you have a mobile phone.
    A drunken Restaurant Manager, thank goodness I never had that problem LOL because that was me....

  3. Yikes... seems like the manager had a bag of his own problems. couldn't have been easy to deal with a manager like that. Good thing he's gone!

    I hear you on the having to work part. I'm sure we all have days when not working would be a great option to have. Hopefully we'll both achieve financial freedom one day. March is a 3-paycheque months for me too. yay!!!