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Monday, February 13, 2012

Recent Happenings

I checked out gyms in my area. So expensive. Contracts and costly just to sign up. There is one more that I don't LOVE the look of but I want to check out the prices of the place sometime this week. Apparently they are going to be offering fitness classes starting this week so it might be worth it!

D had a pond hockey tournament this weekend. Saturday was -27 here with the windchill and being a cheerleader for three games was soooo cold but fun. It was a great weekend!

On Sunday I went to Toronto to visit with my roommate from university. I picked out the bridesmaid dress I am going to be wearing and had a fitting. Weddings are sure expensive!!

I was teaching a grade 11/12 class last week. This one boy in the class was saying a website address to his friend and it went like this, "H-T-T-P-S-eyes of a smiley face...." It sort of shocked me. I asked him if he knew the real term for "eyes of a smiley face" and he did not.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I am teaching in the afternoon and then working the night at the restaurant. It will be a busy night full of couples. D and I don't have any plans. I think I will bake him some cookies and make him a card in the morning before work so he can have it when he gets back from work since I won't be there.

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow!!!


  1. I can see why you were shocked. At first I thought it was cute but I had to google what grade 11 is for you and I see why you were. At least he has someone like you to help him. It's never to late.

    Pond hockey sounds like fun.

    Hope you have a lovely valentine's day as well.

  2. Wow that is hilarious and scary that the guy said that.

  3. A split high school class sounds scary!

    Yea for low-key V-days.