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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Insurance Companies....

I planned to buy the car last week. I had been into the dealership quite a few times to check out the car, ask questions and test drive it. I decided I wanted it and decided to go ahead with everything. I did not have insurance in my own name since I was under my parents name before.

So I started to call around. I started with my parent's company since I was on record with them for about 10 years. They quoted me at $360 a month!! Uhh no.

An employee at the local high school told me to call this particular company, saying they offer great rates etc. I try it out and they won't even talk to me since I have a careless driving ticket issued to me. Okay then....moving on.

I went online to check out the best rates and Belair Direct came up. I call them up to get a quote and they say $250. Ughh better but I was still hoping for better.

The two speeding tickets and that major ticket are really working against me!!

My brother mentions he is with Desjardins so I call them and they quote me at $224. I still had one more evening before I HAD to get insurance so I said I said I would call them the next day if I was going to go with them.

I taught the next day and a friend of mine tells me that she is with TD financial and they offer discounts to college/university graduates. Why not call them too, so I do so after work and they quote me at $189.08. SOLD!!

Wow really helps to shop around. If I had gone with the original insurance company I would be paying an additional $171 per month, or $2052 a year!!


  1. Here in SK we have the insurance that we pay for the vehicle (the plates). It's a standard policy set by the govt for the age,kind, size of vehicle etc. For those who wish additional coverage or a lower deductible for certain items, you can purchase a package policy from an insurance agency. Together I pay $1356 for my 2009 Torrent.

    DS1s will cost more because of a speeding ticket and a fender bender.

    I wouldn't begin to know how to shop for all the different kinds of insurances with their different policies and coverages and costs.

  2. Nice that you shopped around. That's an excellent price. It's pretty cheap considering the cost of insurance nowadays!

  3. I shopped around as well and I got my insurance for half the original quote. I have two tickets, one for speeding the other for not stopping at a stop sign. My insurance is just over $1,000/year and I thought that was steep!

  4. Just over $1000 a year, lucky! How old is your car? That changes things too, my last car, because I was also an occasional driver was about $600 a year.

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