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Friday, July 13, 2012

Settlement Money

When I was in the car accident we went through insurance and just the other day they decided on a settlement. $2500....wow the car was definitely not worth that much....I think I paid $1500 for it from my parents in 2007!! Anyway, $500 was taken off due to the deductible.

My mom is giving the money to me. 

I feel guilty about this. SHE originally bought the car, I paid less for it than she is giving me. 

I told her I don't need all of that money and she said it's mine. That woman can be stubborn sometimes. 

So what I think I am going to do is pay $1000 toward their seasonal dues at a campground resort they stay at every summer. The rest will go into savings. 


  1. Wow that's great! My friend has a junker car, and it's been hit 4 times recently. She's been making money off of it like crazy.

  2. Wow. That's a great settlement.
    Maybe you can take your Mom out for dinner as a treat if you feel guilty. As a thank you?