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Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Goals

Now that the new year is here I have been thinking more and more about my resolutions/goals of the year. I always make them and don't always succeed but I think it's still good to have those goals to work toward.


Save $6000 to TFSA. This is my priority since I want to use it toward saving for a down-payment on a house and contributions toward a wedding (one day...)

Save $500 for Travel. I am travelling this March for a week to go to Texas (already paid for my flight), I have money saved in my ING Travel account already for this but I have another road trip vacation I would like to go on in September that will require more savings (gas is expensive).

Save $1500 toward RRSPs. I always put these on the backburner because retirement seems SO far away. BUT these can be used toward a first home down-payment, and the sooner you save the more it adds up for when retirement does come along. I know it is smart to do now, it's just boring!

TRACK MY SPENDING. I used to be so good at this and then this summer I fell off the bandwagon. I generally knew where everything was going but it's nice to see the trends and where I can improve.


Do a fitness challenge. Whether it be a plank, squat, yoga or Jillian Michael's 30 day shred challenge, I want to attempt one again.

Take a new class. I think this one will be easy since I plan on taking an additional qualification this winter (need to sign up still) and of course ASL this spring.

Read 10 books. I did not read NEARLY enough last year and want to get back into it. Audiobooks can count for this!

Tone myself. J says when you are happy you gain weight and we have both put on some weight since the summer. Maybe it's my metabolism finally catching up with me or my immense happiness but I have gained over 10lbs since August to a weight I have never seen before. It's not the number that bothers me but I definitely just want to start eating healthier and tone up a bit. If I were in the hunger games, I would definitely be one of the first ones killed.


  1. I've noticed that couples usually gain weight together because it's just easy to decide to eat and share in good food. Perhaps if you both took up something recreational together it'll help both of you?

    Good luck with your 2014 goals! :D

  2. Good idea! We have talked about snowshoeing and public skating. We were pretty active in the summer and I haven't done anything since! J refs hockey at least 5 nights each week but I need to get into something myself too!

  3. I hear ya on the gaining weight together! T and I are both enablers so its really easy to say "go ahead, have x" and not be hard on each other. Those goals look challenging but I think you'll do great, you've always been a good saver :) All the best in 2014!