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Monday, January 20, 2014

Facing Potential Eviction

J and I moved into our apartment in May of last year. We met up with our landlords days before that and paid them a year's worth of cheques. We did not sign a lease.

About 2-3 weeks ago a man came over and told J that our landlords have not been paying their bills and unless they pay within the next 24 hours that our place will then be owned by the bank.

Well it seems as though they did not pay because last Wednesday a man came to our house to inform us of the changes. He said that the house is now owned by a branch of Scotiabank. We were told to cancel our cheques to our landlords and issue new ones to Veranova. A woman called last week to ask a bunch of questions (appliances in the house, amount we pay each month, what utilities are covered, asked about water and heat, pets, etc).

The man returned on Friday to change our locks and take pictures of every room in the apartment, he told us to call them if we see the former landlords ever on the property or trying to take any of their items.....yikes!

Anyway the good news is that we are still allowed to live here. The house will go into foreclosure soon and then the bank will try to sell the house. If someone buys the house we still get 60 days to stay if they want us gone. However because we live in an apartment attached to the house they may even want the extra income of tenants and allow us to continue on in our agreement and stay as well.

The first thing J said to the man when he told us all this was "we still have two and a half years left on our internet contract!"

Before J and I started dating we both joked that we were going to live here forever because we liked it so much. We even joked that we would raise our families here in the two separate bedrooms. I really hope that things work out and we can stay!


  1. Oh man, that sucks! Hope everything works out. BTW, you can usually transfer a cable or internet contract with no penalty, its only if you can cancel, we did that before. But I do hope you guys get to stay.

  2. I hope you've got something in writing from Scotiabank/Veranova. re the payment of the rent/etc, and make sure you get receipts for the rent paid so you have proof.

    1. Putting things in writing is ALWAYS a good idea.

  3. Yes, I hope that works Morgaine, we live out of town a bit so we had to get satellite internet and people had to come here to install a dish so I'm not sure if we would be able to continue with them if we moved into town.
    Anon, we have picture copies of the cheques but no receipts from our original landlords. The bank said they MIGHT want to see receipts but that the picture copies might work. We have a bunch of paperwork from Veranova/Scotiabank already.

  4. Oh gosh. That sucks. I hope everything works out and you get to stay!

  5. “The house will go into foreclosure soon…” – this is definitely not the news you’re expecting to hear. It’s a good thing that you were informed immediately. At least you can prepare yourself for whatever might happen. I just hope the new owner will allow you to continue your stay and make your dream come true in raising your kids on that apartment. Or a better idea would be to buy one for your very own. What do you think?

    Andre @ Credit360Consulting.com

  6. That's too bad. So what happened to you guys in the end? Let us know. :) And I think you should update more frequently. You probably have more readers than you know. :D