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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cousin's Wedding

This past weekend J and I went to my cousin's wedding in Toronto. It was an awesome wedding, short but sweet and the reception was a lot of fun. It's always nice to catch up with my family.

J and I know that we already have at least three weddings to go to this year. He is IN two of them (being the best-man for one). We have to really budget for these weddings.

Weddings are crazy expensive!! Not only to have, but to attend.

The last wedding I was in was Septemeber of 2012. I went to the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the wedding (obviously). Then additional added expenses were that she lived in Toronto (a two hour drive) and so gas alone plus gifts for each event, accommodations (on wedding night, otherwise I just stayed with her) and a bridesmaid dress ($230ish). It was A LOT!!

This past weekend our hotel was $130, gift we gave $200. Gas to and from was $40. Luckily it was an open bar and I found a dress for $23 so that saved us some.

I never know what I should spend on a gift. What is the average gift?

Have you ever turned down a wedding because you couldn't afford it, even if it was a close friend or family member?


  1. Hm. Difficult. I think it's safe to give $75 each (so, $150/couple). If you're really good friends with the bridge/groom, maybe a bit more. One wedding for a good friend, I could only afford a $65 gift card to The Bay. I had flown out for their wedding and I think they were just happy I attended.
    I'm planning a wedding too and I'm super worried about the cost for my guests. Many will have to stay in a hotel and travel (gas or flight). I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible for everyone (including paying for hair/makeup for bridesmaids, but unfortunately, I can't also cover their dresses (about $125 each)). It's SUPER expensive to host even a simple wedding.
    I actually wanted to elope since so many people complain about wedding costs. I really don't want my guests to go home complaining about how much they spent, if that's the taste that they'll leave with, I'd rather them stay home and I can visit them shortly after the wedding for a lunch date instead and have no hard feelings, but they can't expect me to return the favour for their wedding if I'm in a pickle financially.

  2. So I'm probably cheap but I only spend around $30 on a gift for wedding and then another $30 or so if I'm invited to shower. If I'm really good friends with them, then I probably spent extra throwing showers or buying a bridesmaid dress so I still usually only spend about $30 even if we're close because of all the extra expenses.
    I try to buy off the registry and buy on sale or with coupons so I can get a nicer gift for my money.
    I don't think you should have to give a certain amount to try to make up for the cost of dinner. You're invited to celebrate. Not to pay for it.