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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Budgeting can be tricky! I do enjoy it though, did I just say that? I like the challenge of creating a budget and sticking to it. Right now because I do not have many living expenses (living at home) it makes it fairly easy. However, having a job where my income fluctuates so much each month can make it tricky to be accurate.

I like to use Gail's Interactive Budget (http://www.gailvazoxlade.com/articles_f/article31-3.htm) for several reasons. First it's free! Nothing against those that you have to pay for, but for me this works. I also like that it breaks up variable and fixed expenses, and then goes a step further and breaks down the variable spending into weekly jars. Trying to stay within those means or under is the challenge. Who doesn't like a challenge?? I find that from personal experience, as well as by watching TDDUP that many couples who have crazy over-spending actually have money left over once they are on the jar system!

So my budget, a little unusual because I have no money in housing or savings! That will change as soon as this debt is paid off, I have big plans for that! :)

Monthly Budget
Transportation $100 (gasoline, repairs)
Food $25 (grocery store)
Entertainment $87 (restaurant, dates, gym membership, games, books)
Clothes/Gifts $60 (clothing, b-day, anniversary gifts)
Everything Else $23 (bank fees, prescription)
TOTAL $295

The rest of my income goes to my cell phone bill ($40), and debt repayment (minimum $262). This varies each month because my income does as well, but I generally pay about $800-1000 toward debt repayment. Now that it is all out there, I will try to stay accountable!

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