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Monday, September 28, 2009

Plans for the week

I am working today. Only an afternoon, and tomorrow I'm only working a morning. Although I have to travel 45 minutes each way to get to the job. It is still worth it! Hope I receive a few more jobs this week! I get paid mid-October for these jobs, which will again help! Cannot wait! Pay day comes three times in October, but the first one will be extremely small! The next two I am hoping will be slightly more, as I have picked up a full-day at the rec centre next week and hope to continue getting supply work.

In other news, my best friend and I (as well as 3 members of her family) are going on a trip to the States next week. Don't worry, I have planned for this and have saved in order to do some Christmas spending and fun shopping there! I have not gone clothes shopping in a really long time, sometimes that is an advantage of living in a small town (there is not temptation). My boyfriend is also giving me some shopping money as he says I deserve it (what a sweetie). I think I'll end up spending quite it on anniversary and Christmas gifts for him anyway though!

I'm going to visit my boyfriend this weekend, he lives 4 hours away which is always a killer in gas. But we usually go out one night and do some free/inexpensive activities at home and around the city the rest of the time, so it doesn't end up being too expensive seeing him. Looking forward to it, have a great week everyone!

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