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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day Teaching!

Last night I received my first call of the year to supply teach! I was literally jumping with joy. I do love my job. I however do not like the fact that it is so hard to get a permanent position as a teacher. Declining enrollments, surplus and redundant teachers are everywhere within my board. Well, not just my board - almost everywhere in Ontario is experiencing these difficulties. What I cannot understand though is why the universities in Ontario continue to pump out 7500 new teachers every year knowing that there are not jobs available for them. This is 7500 in Ontario alone, there are at LEAST that amount of new teachers also coming from Buffalo schools, New Zealand, and Australia. I wish they would make the teacher's program two years to weed out some of those who are only taking it as a back-up option. Sorry for the vent! I'm sure many can relate with other careers and this "recession" we are in. Let's stay optimistic, our dream job WILL come, be persistent!


  1. I remember my first day of supply aka substitute teaching. Such a rush. I have heard Ontario is hard to get employment in. A new half time staff at our school comes from ON where she was pretty much told good luck when seeking a job. She moved out here with a friend from college, who I sadly actually taught (I am getting old) lol.

    At the U of S, there is no direct entry to the college of Ed which weeds out a lot of folks who are not sure if teaching is for them.

  2. Me too :( It's now October 19th and I have only had 3 calls :(