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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Financial Goals....the basics

I have so many goals, let's start with the money ones. I'll get into some of the life ones later on. I've seen some posts by others on their 26 goals of their 26th year. Maybe I'll do the same of my 24th year later. Okay now for the BASIC financial goals.

Pay off the rest of my OSAP by new years 2009 ($1975)

Pay off my family loans by the end of Feb 2010 ($5000)

Maintain a $1500 balance in my current bank account at all time (this is to avoid the monthly fees - what a waste!)

Create a TFSA (tax-free savings account) by July 2010

THEN after these goals have been completed I want to start saving for a down-payment on a house. I want to create a planned spending fund (AKA wedding fund). I also want to create an emergency fund. Those amounts are yet to be decided.

PS If anyone can give me tips on how to create those goal/debt tracking bars on the side of your blog please share how I can do this too! I think it would be great motivation seeing that bar move!!


  1. Welcome to Blogging and thanks for stopping by my little blog. Those are great goals to start out with. Remember every little step you can make at home, snowballs into huge results along the journey.

  2. I did my 24 things in 24 yrs goal post around my birthday and High Class Low Income did one last week. It's a great way to keep yourself motivated I feel. I love the new blog and can't wait to read your journey. Good luck hun!