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Monday, September 21, 2009

Day One

This is the first post of my first blog. It is an attempt to help me stay focused on becoming debt-free. I must say that I have been working hard at becoming debt-free and it's almost become an addiction reading other PF blogs and of course watching Gail's Till Debt Do Us Part.

My goal is to be debt-free by the end of February 2010. That is the first of my many goals, and then start saving so that I will be able to move out and really start life. About me: I am 24, living with my parents. I graduated in 2008 as a teacher, but right now as many people know it is a tough time to find a job for anyone, teacher's are no exception. Fortunately, I am on the supply list for the board in my area. Although, it has already been two weeks and I have yet to receive any calls! I have a long-distance boyfriend of almost 6 years who is completing his final year of his Masters program.

In addition to supply teaching I also work aproximately 6.5 hours a week looking after kids at our local rec centre while moms and dads work out. Those two jobs are my only income at this point, although I am looking into getting on the supply list for the other school board in my area, and possibly getting into tutoring students after school. We will see what happens! I am excited for this blog to help keep me on track and motivated! I will make a new post soon outlining my debts, goals and budget, wish me luck!

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