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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Shopping Glamorized?

I like to shop as much as the next guy. But has it become so glamorized that people are willing to go shopping just for the status and not worry about the consequences? Reading books like Shopaholic, and watching movies that seem to glamorize shopping and brand name clothes I wonder where do these people get their money? Now Becky Bloomwood faces the consequences of her actions, do the others? Is shopping so glamorized that people are willing to go into major debt just to show their "status?"

I was talking to my friend tonight and she was talking about her shopping trip and as she told me what she bought she mentioned all the brand names. I don't know why, but for some reason it kind of annoyed me. Was it envy?? I'm not too sure. I have a few brand name items, mostly gifts though. I actually prefer the non brand-name clothing. I like when you cannot tell what type of shirt it is, where the brand name is not plastered all over it. I think GT Boutique (Giant Tiger) has the best teacher pants for $11. Can't go wrong there!

When I go shopping I look for what I like, if I really like it then I ask myself is it worth the price? Based on quality and affordability. If it's not then I'll move on. If I keep thinking about it later then I might go back and decide to get it but sacrifice some other things. No eating out for the month, do something free for the weekend instead of going out with friends. Or what usually happens is I go in with a mission to get something. A few weeks ago I went shopping with the mission to buy new running shoes, I looked at a few and liked a pair that were $80, I bought them, and that's it. Of course I looked at all the nice clothes in the stores as I passed by, but I only had money to buy shoes and that is all I did. Takes some willpower from me to not even windowshop in the other stores.

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