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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does Anyone Else Have This Problem??

I am having an issue with some blogs. It could be my fault as I am relatively new to this still. I cannot post comments on their blogs. Is there something that I am doing wrong here? Does this happen with anyone else?

In other news, the boyfriend just left today, he was up since Friday after school. We had a great weekend. We went out for supper on Saturday which was $15 each. We also carved pumpkins today but he paid for those. I made a haunted house and he made a goofy face. The rest of the weekend we were fairly lazy which was kind of nice. We played some Rock Band and watched some TV, just hung out.

I got paid on Friday ($620) and made a $400 payment today to OSAP. I will be updating those side bars shortly to reflect this change. So that means that my minimum payment will cover the rest of what I owe for this month and then I will be DONE!


  1. I've finally figured it out! Took me almost a month, and finally the day I post about having issues with the comments is the day I figure out what was going on. I was using Firefox instead of Explorer. I decided to just try using Exporer to comment, and it worked! I'm not sure why Firefox would not let me, but at least now the mystery is solved and I can now comment!!