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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gone Shopping

Well tomorrow is the day! All this time saving up is going toward the next THREE days of shopping. I am excited for it, never have I gone on a trip JUST to go shopping. Will be an adventure. There will be 5 of us and we are renting a van which means that every expense will be split 5 ways, and we will have enough room to bring things back. I am hoping it won't be too much for the car, gas and hotel. I will update you when we get back.

Things I want to buy:
-Christmas presents for my mom, dad, brothers, boyfriend, boyfriend's family (or at least half of those people)
-Teacher clothes for myself
-Jeans (I am pretty picky with jeans so in three days of shopping I hope to find at least one pair I really like)
-Halloween costume for myself and possibly boyfriend
-Nice fall jacket
-Maybe some casual clothes as well, we'll see what we find!

I hope everyone enjoys their day off tomorrow!! It snowed hard here for a while, so enjoy what fall days we have left!

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