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Monday, October 5, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

I love weekends
my boyfriend
my best friend
making lists
my family
pink, blue and green
flip flops
swimming in lakes
my hometown
country music
chick flicks
watching hockey (go leafs go)
fresh sheets
board games

I love weekends. I had a great weekend  with the boyfriend. We went to a football game, and out dancing. We played some games at home and hung out with his family and some friends which was a lot of fun. He also gave me $250 american for my shopping trip! Wow, he really is amazing! Very generous of him. My mom also gave me the same amount in american dollars for my shopping trip. So I have $500 american in free money!! I cannot wait. After being careful not to spend too much it's going to be weird to do so much shopping/spending! But I am sooo looking forward to it!

I also paid $600 to OSAP today! Updated the progress bar to reflect this! I owe under $1200 now! Could I have it finished by the end of November??

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