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Friday, October 30, 2009

Barely Blown Budget

Try saying that 5 times fast!

I do not know how to copy and paste my excel worksheet like some of you. So if someone can tell me how to save it properly so that I can add it to my blog that would be oh so helpful!

Anyway this is the monthly budget broken down as Budgeted/Actual

Transportation 100/26 (my brother filled up my car twice for me, such a nice guy)
Food 25/56 (I bought groceries for some family meals I cooked, and spent $17 on lunches out)
Entertainment 87/59 (Going out with the boyfriend, and playing bingo with my mom)
Clothes & Gifts 60/96 (I bought a hoodie for a football game, and a few bingo tickets for my parents)
Everything Else 23/62 (Bank fees, fabric and batting for sewing projects)

Okay yes some sections are way over and others are way under, but overall this month has Put me over budget by $4. So close.

Also in October was the Shopping Trip Budget which was $1000, I spent $837. However afterward I also bought the boyfriend an anniversary gift for $74, and his family's Christmas gift for $143. So originally I was under budget with the Shopping Trip, however since then I have gone over it with the Christmas shopping by $54.

Now technically this does put me over budget. But I am almost done my Christmas shopping now, just need to buy for my brothers, my dad and something small for two friends of mine and have not included the Christmas budget I have for that. So if I can purchase the rest of the gifts with $256 ($300 minus the $54 I was over budget on the shopping trip) then I am set. I figure I will be under budget with this. I hope you do not consider this "cheating."

In addition, I paid $1500 to OSAP this month. Where I only made $1200 plus $30 babysitting and $74 GST cheque. So overall I may have gone a few dollars over budget but I think it was still a successful month. Bring on November!

For November I think I will keep my budget the same, although I think I could change some things around. Also I think I want to keep track of my no-spend days and aim for 20 days this first month.


  1. I don't think that's cheating. You were still pretty much within the overall budget and I think that's totally fair. A budget isn't set in stone.

  2. To create an image of your budget hit your 'print screen button) (top right of your keyboard) when the budget is on your screen. Then, open paint and hit 'cntrl' 'v' which pastes the image of your screen into the paint window.

    From their you can cut the exact portion that you want to post and paste it unto a new paint document and upload that.

    Does that make sense?

  3. That makes total sense, thank you! I will try that.