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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just my luck...

On Tuesday I went to pick up my brother from Toronto. We stopped on out way home (about 2 hours from home) for supper. We had a delicious meal, and then left. I drove home and when coming into the house I couldn't find my purse. I seached all through the car, not there. Darn.

I called the restaurant and asked if they could send it by mail collect. They said they could send it by mail, and they would send it free of charge. Thanks you, thank you!!

I still hadn't received it yesterday, so called to confirm that it was sent. They said yes and that if it wasn't there today it would be tomorrow. So today rolls around and still no purse. Got a message from the manager though saying that if it wasn't here today it would be on Monday (a holiday though, so I think he meant Tuesday). Now typically this wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that I am going on a shopping trip on Monday morning.

Luckily...I have my debit card with me, for some miraculous reason I had it in my pocket instead of my purse, and I also have my passport and US money that was given to me at home. Thank goodness!!! So really the only things I do not have are my driver's license and mastercard, and the convenience of carrying around a purse.

I had planned on using my mastercard for anything beyond the US cash I had, however now that that is out of the question, I guess I will have to use my debit card. Does anyone know if we are charged extra (beyond exchange rate) for using a debit card in the States?

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  1. Yes, you will be charged an extra fee or percentage rate for using the card in the US.